Monday , 26 September 2022


Wealth: Where Are YOU Headed? (Chapter 4)*

Few people formally plan much in their lives. Usually, that shows they don’t know where they are going. Living life without a plan is analogous to sitting in a drifting boat. You know the direction of the drift, but not the ultimate destination. Words: 1802

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Wealth: Requirements To Succeed (Chapter 3)

If you are unwilling to save, save some time by ignoring this book. Stop reading right here! Savings are an absolute prerequisite for wealth creation. Without savings, there can be no wealth. Read that sentence a few times. It is an immutable fact. Words: 800

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What Is Wealth? (Chapter 2)

Understanding the creation of wealth is easier than achieving it. Achieving it also requires commitment, behavioral change, and sacrifice. If you are interested in success, regardless of how you define it, take charge of your life. Planning is essential. Happiness, regardless of what that implies, requires commitment and planning. Do not depend on luck! Do not think that you may win the lottery. Words: 1362

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Here Are the 5 Most Read Articles Posted On in 2021

Dozens of articles are posted every month on - a financial site for sore eyes and inquisitive minds - and below are the top 5 most popular (most page views) ones in 2021 for your perusal. They remain current in content and have been edited and abridged for the sake of clarity and brevity to provide you with a fast and easy read.

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The World’s BEST Financial Satire – Bar None – Is Right Here (+4K Views)

How often do you come across an individual who is uniquely qualified, and sufficiently talented, to present insights into the central banking systems of the world and other financial matters in such a way that it puts a broad smile on your face? David Hague is one such man. Hague's reports as to what is happening in the world of finance today makes for the most insightful, intriguing and amusing "take" on the world of funny money. Enjoy the summary of his "articles" below.

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