Tuesday , 27 September 2022

Economic Overviews

Graham Summers: Spain Has Brought Europe to the Point of NO Return – Here's Why

Spain is a catastrophe [of major proportions and] to fully understand [why that is the case] we need to understand Spain in the context of both the EU and the global financial system. [Once you read what I outline below you will more fully understand why] I believe that the EU in its current form is in its final chapters. Whether it's through Spain imploding or Germany ultimately pulling out of the Euro, we've now reached the point of no return: the problems facing the EU (Spain and Italy) are too large to be bailed out! Words: 1345

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Spain Ignored S&P's Warnings & Downgrades Quickly Followed! Here's Why

It was just 6 months ago that Spain enjoyed a credit rating of AA. In early October, 2011, S&P downgraded Spain to an AA- rating with a negative outlook (details below as to why) and then again in January, 2012 from AA- to A for failing to make much in the way of improvements. Then, just last week, having clearly forewarned Spain that it was at risk of having it's credit rating even further downgraded with all the financial implications of such a move, S&P further reduced Spain's credit rating by two levels to BBB+. When you read what S&P said back in October and again in January, Spain has only itself to blame for its amazing mismanagement and sorry state of affairs. Words: 2000

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Check Out This Interactive Map & Information on the 22 Countries of Eastern Europe

Below is an interactive map of the 22 countries that make up Eastern Europe providing a snapshot of, and interesting facts about, each of the counties. Below is an interactive map of the 22 countries that make up Eastern Europe providing a snapshot of, and interesting facts about, each of the counties. If you want a fast and interesting geography lesson then this is it!

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How Much Do You Know About Emerging Markets? Find Out Here

Everyone is talking about emerging markets, and their masses of people, resource-rich lands and rising economic stature [with many] saying that they will be the economic superpowers of the next century. How much do you know about emerging markets? Take our interactive quiz and find out.

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John Hathaway: Financial Repression to Continue Even Under the Most Optimistic Scenarios

"In our view, monetary policy has been boxed in by previous actions, election year politics (and even more broadly by the dynamics of the contemporary state of democracy), and the slowdown in global forex accumulation. The result, we expect, will be a continuation of financial repression under the most optimistic of scenarios. At the very least, returns on liquid capital could remain negative for many years to come. Under such circumstances, demand for the protection offered by gold should remain strong. Should the presumed economic recovery falter, we anticipate that the calls for renewed QE will be deafening." John Hathaway

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Save 1+ Hours! Read Campbell's Synopsis of, and Comments on, the IMF's 2012 World Economic Outlook

The International Monetary Fund has just released its 2012 World Economic Outlook, sub-titled 'Growth Resuming, Dangers Remain'. I have read it in full and present a brief synopsis of it below which will save you more than 1 hour of your time doing so. I have also commented on some of their statements to provide greater clarity and understanding of what the report conveys. Words: 674

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