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Economic Overviews

Byron Wien: 10 Events That Will Likely “Surprise” Us In 2013 (2K Views)

For the 28th year running I have given my views on a number of economic, financial market and political surprises for the coming year....defined as events which the average investor would only assign a 30% chance of taking place but which I believe are “probable”, having a better than 50% likelihood of happening. [Below is my list of 10 surprises for 2013, complete with my rationale for each.] Words: 1037

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The Fiscal Cliff Drama Is Over! Here Are the Winners & Losers

At the 13th hour, the House passed the compromise bill that appears to have helped the U.S. avoid imminent economic disaster - from their own inability to reach a compromise before the January 1st deadline. For now, the markets appear to be cheering the reduction of some uncertainty but it's not the all-inclusive deal that many had hoped for. Below are some of the apparent winners and losers included in the deal. Words: 765

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Dr. Faber and I Concur: There Are Major Reasons to be Very Cautious in 2013 – Here’s What To Do (+2K Views)

Dr. Marc Faber, the author and publisher of the "Gloom Boom And Doom" report is one of the most well-read economists out there. I am of the opinion that his suggestions and investment advice are more realistic than any other economist or analyst we hear and read regularly. The summary of Dr. Faber's latest monthly report suggests that he views 2013 as a year of capital preservation. In other words, Dr. Faber is not very bullish on risky asset classes for 2013. This article discusses Dr. Faber's views and the reasons to remain cautious in 2013. Words: 1494; Charts: 3; Tables: 1

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The Fiscal Cliff Will Prove to Be a Dud – and More Optimistic Forecasts for 2013

'Tis the annual forecasting season. Every economist with a model is publishing detailed forecasts for the U.S. and world economies for 2013. I have no model, and my degrees are in history and law but the signs now are clearer than they have been in some time: 2013-2015 should see beneficial growth of the American economy and that will translate into good results for some companies and good returns for some stocks. [Let me explain my conclusions.] Words: 902 ; Charts: 1

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12/12/12: 12 Charts Covering the 12 Months of 2012

As the year comes to an end, it is natural to reflect back on what has occurred. From an economic standpoint, there has been no improvement. The economy is barely above water and nearing exhaustion from treading water so long. Will it have the energy to get through 2013 or will it succumb to the forces that are dragging it down? [For the answer] I invite you to look at these 12 charts below. They should disabuse you of any misplaced optimism.

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