Saturday , 4 February 2023

Beau Here: Let’s Talk About Economics & the #TrumpRecession

Presented by Lorimer Wilson, editor of – Your KEY To Making Money!

1. Let’s talk about economics and the #TrumpRecession….

By Beau of the Fifth Column

(6:26 duration; 72M Views)
1. Beau, you lack a proper set, you lack splashy computer graphics, and your turnout is that of an orangutan but you are one of the best independent journalists I’ve ever seen. Keep thinkin’ your thoughts – we need your input.
2. This was so badly needed and brilliantly delivered in its simplicity. Thanks, Beau.
3. As always, thank you for the clarity and straight talk Beau!
4. You are a very intelligent young man. You speak the truth and I admire that. Don’t stop.
(26:10 duration; 720M views)
Patrick Bet-David shares the importance of being ready when the market crashes and eight ways you can prepare for it.
1. That was bloody brilliant! Pat, you’re a legend. Thanks for taking the time to educate viewers & share your views.
2. I wish education like this was available to consumers in this platform 10 years ago. I’d be in a much better place financially.
3. Man, why did I just find out this channel in 2019, your words are so inspiring sir!!!
4. Your videos are excellent! I have no idea what you want me to believe and that’s called true journalism. Thank you for explaining instead of indoctrinating!
(11.44 duration; 154M views)
In this video I talk about some of the major stock market crashes throughout history. History is likely to repeat itself within the next few years so understanding what caused the market to crash in the past is a great way for you to understand how it can happen again in the future.
1. Incredible video. History has a tendency to repeat itself. Always be a student of history and investing – you’ll be far wealthier as a result.
2. Loved the video! Thank you so much for taking time to look back and reflect!
3. Such a good point that the market can do anything at anytime and to invest in strong businesses that will still be going after a crash.
4. This ‘see the forest’ presentation helped me a great deal. And, cause there’s always so much going on, I appreciate that it was to the point and with no jargon to get in the way of the message. Thanks!
(8:58 duration; 221M Views)
You may have read news articles or heard somewhere that “the yield curve is flattening,” but what does that mean? Find out with today’s video!
1. The best video about the Yield Curve. Period.
2. There is news about yield curve inversion all over the news today but no one seems to explain it as well as you did.
3. I have a degree in economics and trade the yield spread as well as other investments. I am pleasantly surprised how well you explained this.
4. Wow, excellent video. Clear and concise explanation, good production value, and you have a very pleasant style of presentation. I’m gonna spend some time perusing your channel.
(9:58 duration; 11M views)
1. No one out there can take complex and usually boring issues and make them immediately understandable and interesting like you.
2. Thank you for explaining this in such a clear and concise manner. Your content is superb.
3. I really like the way you explain complex information.
4. I’ve watched at least 3-4 videos about the yield curve and I didn’t understood anything. Your video was so well explained!

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