Monday , 24 June 2024

Lorimer Wilson

Be Afraid, Be VERY Afraid: Central Bankers Are Channeling Their Inner “Rothschild”

...An offer of employment from the European Central Bank has inspired me to put down the bottle, battle the delirium tremens (DTs), and put pen to paper, (or, I guess, finger to keyboard) to expose a shocking and effective coup d’état that is overwhelming our global governments, our global economy and our way of life. Please consider my commentary extremely confidential and don't share it with anyone, particularly with anyone under 30. Read on. You'll understand why.

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GOLD: The World’s Best Kept Investment Secret

The world’s best kept investment secret is GOLD: Gold has gone up 7.5X this century; Gold's compound annual return since 2000 is 9.2% compared to a 7.7% (incl. reinvested dividends) for the Dow Jones so why are only 0.6% of global financial assets in gold? The simple answer is that most investors don’t understand gold because governments suppress the virtues of gold.

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Bitcoin Likely To Oscillate From $57-$77,000 Throughout Spring and Early Summer

the daily chart is currently bearish, indicating the continuation of the correction or consolidation in the short term. However, new lows below USD 60,760 are not yet foreseeable.... A volatile back-and-forth between approximately USD 61,000 and USD 67,000 could be sufficient to build a base and to then generate a new contrarian buying signal within a few days.

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What Is Islamic Finance All About? Read On!

Islamic Finance doesn't have all the answers but if we're going to improve the systems we have, it's important to understand how other systems work — especially one that has been around for a cool 1,300 years, and is now a sector holding $3.2 trillion in global assets.

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Get Over It! Don’t Expect Gold Stocks to Outperform Gold

With the expectations by some that gold is on the verge of a big breakout on the upside, one might be lulled into thinking that such a move would boost mining shares out of their doldrums. That could happen; but, it is not something that is likely. Nor, is it something with historical precedent.

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Bitcoin Significantly Outperforming Gold Assets

Whether the excitement surrounding Bitcoin is siphoning flows away from gold is unclear, but there does appear to be some disconnect between gold’s price action and investment levels. Historically, the gold price and holdings in gold-backed ETFs have traded in tandem, but starting in 2023, the two began to decouple,

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