Tuesday , 3 October 2023

Lorimer Wilson

Drop In Gold Price No Surprise – Here’s the Inside Scoop (+4K Views)

Believe it or not, what follows is a speech by Gustavo Laframboise-Pierre, the Global Director of Statistical Creation at the European Central Bank, at a top secret meeting of the world’s central bankers held at the United States Bullion Depository (AKA Fort Knox) last week. It provides considerable inside insight into what is now happening to the price of gold.

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Operating Cash Flow: Which Cannabis Company Is Best – and Why?

Operating cash flow is currently the most important metric for cannabis companies – the basic indicator that a company is able to bring in more cash than it expends, and a precursor to net income – so this article compares the operating cash flow of the 8 largest cannabis companies by market capitalization with each other.

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These Nine S&P 500 Stocks Have the Highest-yielding Dividends

Dividend stocks can be an excellent option for investors looking for income, as they regularly pay out a portion of the company's cash flow directly to investors. The best dividend stocks even raise their payouts over time as the companies and their profits grow. Reinvesting these dividends can help investors compound returns.

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Steel Production Shifted from China to Other Countries In 2021

Production of crude steel – ingots, semi-finished products (billets, blooms, slabs), and liquid steel for castings – soared globally, and spiked in the U.S., but fell in China for the first time in years, and China’s share of global crude steel production, after soaring for years...

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