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2016 Has the Makings Of A Uniquely Scary Year! Here’s Why

2016 is looking like the year in which all economic policies fail as theyeconomy-down play out in an environment where all the other major economies are also rolling over and the U.S. Fed has just begun a tightening cycle. That makes 2016 a uniquely scary year.

By John Rubino (dollarcollapse.com)

Corporate Profits Are Rolling Over

Already, at what should be the blow-off peak of a long expansion, U.S. corporate profits are instead rolling over:

Corporate profits

Industrial Production Is Down

In recent quarterly reports, most companies blame their dimming fortunes on the strong dollar’s impact on foreign sales, an assertion that’s borne out by recent declines in industrial production. We’re selling less real stuff abroad, so factories are making less:

US industrial production Jan 16

Easy Credit Growing

The huge bright spot in an otherwise bleak manufacturing landscape is auto sales, which have snapped back nicely, but they’ve apparently been floating on a tide of extremely easy credit.

Car sales graph Jan 16

In 2010, fewer than a tenth of car loans were for more than six years. Today the average loan is nearly that long. During the same expansion, outstanding auto credit rose from $600 billion to over a trillion.

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Car buyers are now challenging college students for the title of most clueless borrower so expect all those breathless accounts of the bulletproof U.S. auto market to be replaced with laments about empty showrooms in the near future.

Car loans

Economy Losing Momentum

Add it all up and you get an economy that’s carrying some serious weight on its shoulders and rapidly losing momentum. Here’s the Atlanta Fed’s latest GDP Now reading, which puts Q4 growth at less than 1.5%:

GDP Now Jan 16

Bottom Line

…All the above trends are playing out in an environment when all the other major economies are also rolling over and the U.S. Fed has just begun a tightening cycle. That makes 2016 a uniquely scary year.

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