Tuesday , 20 April 2021


Latest Hindenburg Omen Suggests Stock Market Crash Coming Within 4 Months!

The Hindenburg Omen has appeared before all stock market crashes, or panic events, of the past 35 years with crashes occurring 22.6% of the time and this time round it is warning of a stock market crash sometime between now and July 4th, 2021. The last official Hindenburg Omen came January 30th, 2020 and led to a 36.9% stock market crash through March 23rd, 2020. Will it happen this time round?

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The 12 Best Financial Sites For Investing

One must have thorough knowledge of the market and should always be updated about the latest market happenings to create a high-quality portfolio. If you are looking for websites that will assist you in learning about stocks then this article will help you.

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Stocks & Bonds In Bubbles – Here’s Why & What To Do About It

Baby boomers started transitioning through the Risk Zone in 2006 and will continue until 2034. That’s 3 decades to hope that disaster can be avoided, an unrealistic hope. Some boomers will not make it through the Risk Zone unscathed, but they can protect themselves now, before it’s too late. Here's how.

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What’s a SPAC? How Does It Work? What Are Its Advantages?

What's a SPAC, how is it created, how does it work, what does its capital structure look like, what's in it for the creators of a SPAC and why do private companies like going public via a SPAC? This article provides you with all you need to know before investing in a SPAC.

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Why Gold Mining Stocks Outperform Gold in Bull Markets

Gold mining stocks are much more volatile than gold bullion and have a variety of additional risks dependent on their company structure, jurisdiction of operations, and operational efficiency but they can be an alluring option for investors who are looking for exceptional returns in gold bull markets. Here's why.

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