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Rickards, Roubini, Sinclair et al On the Future Of Gold & Silver (+3K Views)

The internet is awash with analysts who believe that gold is going to $7,250+forecasting crystal ball and as low as $725 and that silver is going down to $12 or higher than $120. Such pundits (Roubini, Sinclair, Rickards, Willie and Edelson to name a few) grab a lot of attention in the media but are their prognostications worth paying attention to or are they just a lot of hot air?

Below is a list of  forecasts of the future movement in the price of physical gold with an update as to how close their predictions have come to reality – to date.

1. Gold Could Possibily Reach $3,000 – $4,500 By 2016! Here’s Why

Vronsky of says that since the gold price has moved in concert with the growth in the US Federal Reserve Balance Sheet since 1999 including, the recent correction in both during the past three years, gold could possibily reach $3,000 – $4,500 by 2016! .Read More »

2. Gold & Silver: Parabolic Surge to $3,500 & $90 to Begin In Early 2015

Juan Eduardo Morales Veas ( suggests that both gold & silver will show renewed weakness to $725 & $12, respectively, by mid-2015 before jumping dramatically in price by the end of 2016/early 2017 – to $3,500 and $90 respectively. His anticipation of renewed weakness has been correct to date but will his specific projections hold true? Below are the specific details (with charts). Read More »

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3. Nouriel Roubini: Gold to Be Gutted! Here’s Why

Roubini expects gold will fall below $1,000/oza point not seen since 2007. No time frame is given. Read More »

4. Sinclair: Silver’s Rise Will Be Orgasmic; Gold Is a Buy Below $3,500

Jim Sinclair forecasts that gold will be roughly $4,000-4,500 by 2015-17 and, while silver will not reach $500, it certainly will see triple digits. No time frame is given.

5. Authors Of “The Money Bubble” Foresee $10-12,000 Gold & $500 Silver – Here’s Why

James Turk and John Rubino argue that the price of gold is about to soar to $10-12,000/ozt. – and silver to $500/ozt. No time frame is given. Read More »

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6. Mark My Words: 2017 Will See A 31,000 Dow; $5,000 Gold; $125 Silver & Select PM Stocks Up 3,000%! Here’s Why

Larry Edelson maintains that once this pullback in the broad stock indices is over, the Dow Jones Industrial will lead the way higher yet again, and catapult to 31,000 over the next 3 years, with gold reaching $5,000, silver $125 and select individual stocks in the mining sector spinning off gains of 2,000%, 3,000% and even more. No, I’m not out of my mind. Quite to the contrary, I believe I am the one analyst who really understands the forces that are building to enable such to occur. Read on to learn about my enviable track record over the years and specifically why such gains will be realized over the next three years. Read More »

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7. Could a World of $7,000 Gold, $100 Silver & $400 Oil Be Coming?

Jim Rickards explains why a US dollar collapse could be coming and gold could emerge at the heart of a new global monetary system as the only money that you can really trust. No time frame is given. Read More »

8. Jim Willie: Gold Will Rise to $5,000/ozt. and Beyond & Silver Will Rise Multiples Higher

Willie suggests that the world economic crisis has entered a new elevated level of perma-crisis and constant tension without either resolution or even the attempt to resolve anything and, as such, the price of gold will rise to $5,000 per troy ounce, then higher, and at the same time, the silver price will rise multiples higherNo time frame is given. Read More »

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1. Only These 42 Analysts Dare Predict When – and At What Price – Gold Will Peak

There were no shortage of gold price pundits/prognosticators back in 2011 & 2012 claiming that gold would be going to “x” price by “y” date. Below is an updated list of those 42 pundits who were bold enough to provide a specific date as to when their forecast would be realized with their criteria & rationale supported by links to articles in which their determinations were first put forth. Read More »

2. The Future Price of Gold and the 2% Factor

It is my contention that the price of gold rallies whenever the U.S. dollar’s real short-term interest rate is below 2%, falls whenever the real short rate is above 2%, and holds steady at the equilibrium rate of 2%. Furthermore, for every one percentage point real rates differ from 2%, gold moves by eight times that amount per year. So if the real rates are at 1%, gold will move up at an 8% annualized rate. If real rates are at 0%, then gold will move up at a 16% rate (that’s been about the story for the past decade). Conversely, if the real rate jumps to 3%, then gold will drop at an 8% rate. [Let me explain.] Words: 982

3. This Site Reveals the Performance of Financial Pundits – How Well Has Your Guy Done?

Recently I discovered a website which tracks pundits in finance (and politics and sports). Check it out to see how many of the calls and predictions of your favorite prognosticators have turned out to be true. You’ll be surprised and, no doubt, disappointed! Read More »





  1. These are the same guys who predicted silver would not go below $30 in 2013 and forecasted silver above $50 in 2014 so I really dont think they know what they are talking about. Now they are saying silver and gold will surge in the next 5 years. I mean, come on, anyone can make that prediction. I no longer have any faith in the likes of Jim Sinclair or Eric Sprott. Am just sitting on the sidelines in a wait and see attitide. As long as you have bankers controlling the etf matketyou cant make solid predictions unless you are a bank cartel insider.

  2. FREE GOLD & SILVER UPDATE (August 25th, 2014):

    ​1. Gold and silver, will plunge to US$900 and US$15 approx., in Jan./Feb. 2015, before rising parabolic to US$3,500 and US$90 approx., in Nov./Dec., 2016 or in Jan./Feb. 2017.
    2. Be careful, with the next Bull Trap!.
    3. For more details, subscribe to my Weekly Platinum Newsletter (US$50 per month).


    Juan Eduardo Morales Veas.
    Senior Trend Follower Trader.

  3. Forget the price of Gold and Silver in USD. Today for a oz of Gold you can get 3 nice suits at a good taylor. In a 100 years if humans are still wearing suits your progeny can probably buy 3 nice suits. An oz of silver could buy you a tank of fuel. That makes sense so manipulated price im buying. Imagine if all the gold in the world is gone…we will be fine.. imagine all the silver is gone and no electronics? Eventually the price will “normalize” and you can buy a tank of fuel for a oz of silver again. PS – never buy what the governments hordes and controls, well except for guns and bullets. Going to the corner grocery store with a piece of gold does not make sense but silver is perfect for those small transactions. Buying the farm for a few pieces of gold is good then you can grow your own groceries and barter.

  4. And somehow I believe that both gold and silver are going way down to the basement.
    Everyone is buying it, and will have a backyard full of it, and at that time it will be almost worthless.

    • Guesty McGuesterson

      I know of only three other people in my entire (large) circle of family, friends, and co-workers who are even aware of silver and/or the issues surrounding it, and only one who is seriously including physical PM in his portfolio. I would heartily agree with statements I’ve previously read that 95% of the public has no idea of PMs or has any ownership of it whatsoever. So I disagree with you that “everyone’s buying it”. If your logic were true, then why are governments all over the world scrambling to repatriate their gold (and silver) and build up their reserves?

  5. I’ll go on the record for:

    Gold above $2,000 before Gold reaches less than $1,000.

    Silver above $100 before Silver reaches less than $10.

    Time wil tell, that and the Central Banks that run our Governments…