Friday , 21 June 2024

Don’t Ignore Silver; Its Time has Come! (+5K Views)

When gold rallies, it often drags other precious metals along for the ride.10 Ounce Silver Bullion Bars Chief among them is silver. Gold & silver generally move in sync with each other and tend to move in the same direction. The relationship is such that there’s even an indicator that measures it – the gold/silver ratio. Many investors use the ratio to spot extremes in the pricing of either precious metal, and to spot trends, whether up or down. The ratio currently sits at approx. 80:1 and suggests that silver has some catching up to do.

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The Supply-Demand Equation Bodes Well for Rising Silver Prices
Silver has one advantage that gold doesn’t. Unlike gold, silver is used in more commercial and industrial applications. The list is extensive – electrical contacts, mirrors, jewelry, currency coins, photographic films and as a catalyst in many chemical reactions. However, silver production is dropping. Much of it comes as a by-product of other mining and refining, primarily lead and zinc but due to plummeting prices created by over-supply, many lead and zinc mines were mothballed back in 2008. As a result, silver production stalled with lead and zinc – and inventories are now at historic lows.

That’s the supply side of the equation but what about industrial demand? In short, it continues to rise. So with silver supplies lagging, silver prices are likely to head in only one direction: up.

Don’t Ignore Silver
There’s another big difference between gold and silver. Most fund managers won’t touch silver with a 10-foot pole. The reason? At around $9 billion, the size and liquidity of the silver market is roughly 20 times smaller than the gold market. However, it might be a mistake to ignore silver. With supplies continuing to fall and demand continuing to rise, the metal could very well make a very dramatic move to the upside – even if gold prices fall.

While gold’s meteoric rise still has room to run, silver’s run is yet to get started.

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  1. Way to point out facts. To bad the mainstream media ignores silver and all they do is trash gold. If it weren’t for jp morgan chase shorting the metal everyday silver would be in triple digits. I believe one day silver will be equal to gold just based on the supply. It going to be the first element to go extinct in approximately ten years. Of course when silver is over five hundred dollars miners will have a reason to mine it so it might not stay extinct. But who knows what they’ll be able to find. I got sucked into the gold hupla which its still a good investment but I did more research sold my gold and bought silver.

    • That is exactly how I feel. I love gold but don’t want to buy it because I can get so much more silver. I think silver will be worth more than gold too. It’s just logic. I am all in on silver in physical form.

      I just wonder when this all unfolds what the silver bashers and fiat currency financial advisors will say when a one ounce silver round is worth more than a thousand dollar bill.

      They will probably all jump into silver at $1000 and be too late. People are funny.