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Warren Buffett’s Favorite Valuation Metric Suggests Stock Market Is OVERvalued by 15% (+2K Views)

Here’s some perspective on the potential value of the U.S. equity market using Warren Buffett’s favorite valuation metric –investing4 total stock market capitalization relative to GDP.

So says Cullen Roche ( in edited excerpts from his original article* entitled Updating Warren Buffett’s Favorite Valuation Metric.

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Cullen goes on to say in further edited excerpts:

There’s some natural upside bias in an indicator like this because the stock market is not the economy and, in fact, the total market cap of the U.S. equity market has tended to grow quite a bit faster than Gross National Product. Nevertheless, if we use a linear trendline we can better gauge where we are and, based on this perspective, the U.S. stock market is starting to looking a little expensive.


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At a level of 1.1 (using estimated Q4 GNP) the U.S. stock market is now about 15% above trend which would put our “fair value” for the S&P at about 1520 at present (all else equal).


Obviously, this is a rather imprecise way of viewing things, but it does provide a bit of perspective on where we might be in the market cycle. Multiple expansion and paying more for less earnings appears to be the most obvious driver of the market at present.

[As Katchum says in his article**, “according to the stock valuation chart below, the stock market is now crossing the 115% ratio of total market cap against GNP which means we are crossing the border from modestly overvalued into significantly overvalued territory.

market cap to GDP ratio

If global GDP weakens next year, a drop in the stock market will not be far off.”]

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