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The U.S. Dollar Is Surging In Value – Why? (+2K Views)

The U.S. dollar surged in value by 11% in 2014, appreciating against all main currencies in the world in 2014 including gold. The infographic below attempts to answer the obvious question, “What is behind this surge in value for the dollar?”

By with introductory remarks from a reposting** on The original title* of the infographic was The Dollar’s 2014 Power Surge.

In our opinion, it is a very easy explanation: as investors abandon all other options, they continue to look for safe havens. With central banks such as the Swiss National Bank and the Bank of Canada making surprising interest rate or pegging decisions, everyone is looking for safety and predictability. The ECB and Bank of Japan are piling onto the problem by fighting deflation with massive quantitative easing programs…

The question now is: “How long can the USD remain the safe haven of choice?” With moderate economic growth still happening, investors still seem to have confidence in the United States. However, if that at all falters and economic growth slows, there will be nowhere to hide. Remember, it only takes one event to cause a ripple effect and the U.S. dollar bull run could be over. To quote Mr. Warren Buffett: “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.”

Breaking Down the US Dollar's Recent Bull Run

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