Tuesday , 16 April 2024

Today’s Hyper Bubble: Who Is Responsible? (+2K Views)

The issue of Barron’s below was 3.5 years prior to today, yet many thought a ‘bubble’ was present then. Today, our Dow Index is 20,611 (so what might we call today’s BUBBLE)? A HYPER BUBBLE?

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So far in 2017 our index markets have been increasing at record rates. New records are being set daily. Are we now in a huge ‘bubble’? I think so!

The comments above and below are excerpts from an article by Donald Swenson (kingdomecon.com) which has been edited ([ ]) and abridged (…) to provide a fast & easy read


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Stocks have been elevated by our computer driven traders to unsustainable levels…mostly due to our Central bank policies and their connections to our global electronic exchange markets. The Bank of America stock, for example, has increased some 41% since Trump was elected on November 8. The Goldman Sachs stock has increased some 37% during this same time period. These records reflect what many call the Trump psychological effect. I would differ. They reflect the desire of our coordinated Central bank driven markets.

The global index markets have all been going up in a coordinated fashion since the Trump election on November 8. The markets in Asia, Europe, South America, Africa, and North America all have increased with coordinated efficiency. Is this a natural phenomena (driven by retail traders) or could this be a result of a coordinated desire by our integrated network of Central banks desiring this outcome? What we need to recognize is that we now have some 175 Central banks on this planet and all these banks have been integrated into a global cyber network where actions can be driven by a set of coordinated policies. The Bank for International Settlements is primary responsible IMO.

All the 175 Central banks on our planet are now integrated into a global computer network where policies can be coordinated to achieve specific results. See this website for the websites of all our Central banks: https://www.bis.org/cbanks.htm. You can click on each website and notice the similarity of concepts and data within each Central bank. This looks like a global network of integrated decision-making for our entire planet. The central coordinator for the system is this institution called the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. The BIS is our central coordinator for the global Central bank system.

What is now emerging is a ONE world global system for coordinating all monetary decisions on this planet. All this can be accomplished behind closed doors where the public is mostly unaware of what’s happening. Computers, insider rules, proxy traders, proxy dealers, and group think psychology (among the policy-makers) can accomplish this coordinated result for most nations and for all the electronic exchanges. Monetary policy is now connected with our electronic stock/bond market exchanges and this means that a global coordination is possible (at least for 85% of the planet).

All this is gradually leading to the prophesied ‘Mark of the Beast’ monetary system for our planet…If I don’t have the correct ‘numbers’ (password) to access your cyber accounts then you will not be able to enter the system. All will be computer controlled and our Central bank in Basel, Switzerland will be the ultimate coordinator for the system. The system is almost here now. Check out the BIS website for the details on this Central coordinating Authority: https://www.bis.org/index.htm

What we need to recognize is that our Central bank policy-makers do not report to the general public (the voting people) nor to the governing politicians. These elite are ‘independent’ of all voters and the influence of all elected politicians. Mr. Trump can not change the outcome of these decision-makers as an independent politician. He is subservient to their behind closed-door policies and manipulations. So are all the voting public. We are all essentially enslaved right now to these unelected dictators. Tyranny is already here for those with a discerning mindset. The ‘Mark of the Beast’ system has begun and it will continue until it ends.

What does all this imply going forward? To me this implies enslavement to a corrupt system which promotes absolute control over the mind’s of common people. Those outside the control system become enslaved and those running the system become tyrants who prosper at the expense of the enslaved. It’s all a corruption that must eventually be reversed if mankind is to survive. Think about what is now happening on this planet. Our bubble markets will eventually correct and when this happens the system of economic enslavement will worsen.

There is no solution to this result without the people waking-up to who is behind all this corruption. Now is the time to get yourself educated and to become aware of what is happening. Money rules this planet and those in control of the money system enslave the masses. This could be changed but it requires that masses of people get themselves educated on what has transpired and who is behind all this corruption.

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