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These 4 Charts Make It Clear Why The World's Economy Is Doomed

The global economy is doomed to implosion!

Though the complexities may appear endless, the global economy’s coming implosion is really fairly easy to understand by looking at four charts I have developed. Words: 608

So says Charles Hugh Smith ( in an article* reformatted and edited […] below by Lorimer Wilson, editor of, for the sake of clarity and brevity to ensure a fast and easy read. Please note that this paragraph must be included in any article reposting to avoid copyright infringement. Smith goes on to say:

It boils down to these basics:

1. When money is dear and difficult to borrow, then productivity and capital accumulation are encouraged [while] speculation, malinvestment and debt-based consumption are discouraged.

2. When money is “free” (zero-interest rate policy) and liquidity is unlimited, then the opposite conditions hold: speculation in risk assets, malinvestment and debt-based consumption are all encouraged, and productivity and capital accumulation are heavily discouraged.

3. When debts exceed the value of the underlying assets [then] the only way out of the “tyranny of debt” is to write off the debt on both the borrower and lender’s balance sheets [thereby] wiping out their capital via liquidation and bankruptcy.

4. The “extend and pretend” policy pursued by all major nations is simply transferring the impaired debt from private hands to the taxpayers (public debt) [and] crippling the economy with higher taxes and higher debt service.

5. The Central State’s “extend and pretend” policy requires heavy borrowing every year to prop up the status quo, pushing the Central State (or equivalent, i.e. the Eurozone) into an inescapable double-bind: either continue increasing public debt and cripple the economy with high taxes and high public-debt servicing costs, or let the financial status quo of “profits are private, losses are public” implode.

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The first path leads to default, as the tyranny of debt cannot be masked for long, while the second path wipes out the Financial Power Elite which feeds the politicians.

These 4 Charts Show Why The World’s Economy Is Doomed

Note in the charts below how the speculative economy created the illusion of rising wealth for the bottom 90% – an illusion stripped away by the Default Economy. In essence, the Financial Power Elites profited immensely from creating this illusory wealth which gave the bottom 90% the false sensation that their declining earnings and purchasing power were being offset by the “magic” of asset bubbles. Then, when the bubble popped, the Financial Power Elites transferred the impaired assets to the taxpayers, a process which is still underway. The politicos of both parties are complicit; behind the simulacra of toothless “reforms,” this process proceeds in myriad ways e.g. the Bank of America transferring toxic debt to Fannie/Freddie, etc. Behind the smokescreen of conjuring a “wealth effect” to foster more consumption, the Fed’s purchase of Treasuries (QE2) serves this transfer-of-debt-to-the-public process. 




[The United States is not alone in this development – the] same process is playing out across the global economy: Greece, Ireland, the U.S., and eventually, in China when its monumental property bubble pops.

[Yes, indeed, the world’s economy is doomed!]


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One comment

  1. youcantarguewithfacts

    These sentiments are perfectly echoed in the brilliant documentary, “COLLAPSE” in which Michael Ruppert details the reasons why the current system is unsustainable…. and of course, how we got into this mess in the first place; oil dependence / overuse + greed / corruption. Things are fucked up people…. Something big is going to go down soon with regards to the world economy, whether you believe it or not….

    More money / resources are being consumed at a faster and faster rate than they can possibly be renewed / circulated / backed up……….period, simple.

    No amount of political theater can disguise the dark giant that’s on our horizon….