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Update On Michael Noonan As Internet’s Best Gold & Silver Analyst (+4K Views)

There is so much hype and cheer-leading out there amongst supposed gold & silvergold-silver analysts that you probably wonder just who is worth your time to follow, if anyone. Having read and analyzed hundreds and hundreds of articles on the subject I have concluded that there is ONLY one such person – Michael Noonan. 

Yes, Noonan’s original articles have a major edginess to them regarding the NWO, the Rothschild system, the world’s central banks and various conspiracy theories, but the technical analysis of gold & silver to be found in said articles is truly 1st class! Such copy has been removed from the articles below to give you his bare bone insights into what the charts are saying about both gold and silver.

1. Noonan on Gold & Silver: Prices Not Going Higher Anytime Soon

(March 9th) The insane banker’s world in which we live will come to an end, and likely a disastrous one. Keep on stacking gold & silver. On a relative scale, price should be your least concern. Read More »

2. Noonan: “Gold & Silver – Insanity Prevails; PMs Without Direction”

(March 1st) Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result & that is precisely what the markets are doing in gold and silver these days! Take a look. Read More »

3. Noonan On Gold & Silver: Still NO Evidence Of Upward Movement In Price

(February 21st) Last week’s read of the charts accurately gave clues for what transpired this past week. Here’s what the charts have to say on gold and silver for the coming week. Read More »

4. Noonan on Gold & Silver: The Charts Don’t Lie & This Is What They’re Saying

(February 14th) While the odds may favor a rally in gold and silver, the trend could very well negate that interpretation. Always go with the trend – the charts do not lie – and this is what they are saying about the current situation. Read More »

5. Noonan on Gold & Silver: Is Another Trap Being Set To Complete the Bottoming Process?

(February 7th) The trend continues down in gold & silver irrespective of all the positive news, charts, graphs, and other news writers specializing PMs present. The major players may be setting up one more trap to take the price of silver down to levels most do not expect. After all, how many expected crude oil to go from $105 to $45? Read More »

6. Noonan: Lower Gold & Silver Prices Materialized As Expected – Here’s Why

(February 1st) An inordinate build-up of short positions in silver by the “smart money” or “insiders” implied lower gold and silver prices and the charts shown here confirmed that. Read More »

7. Noonan: “Gold & Silver Undergoing Corrections As Projected!”

(January 25th) When will gold and silver rally? We would say the best answer comes from a reading of the charts. Has a bottom been confirmed? Not by our standard of confirmation. Let me explain. Read More »

8. Noonan on Gold & Silver: Be Patient – Wait For the Market to Prove Itself

(January 17/15) In spite of the positive change of behavior we have seen in gold and silver this past week with strong closes and increased volume – both attributes of buyers in more control than sellers – the weekly trend remains down. While we now see some steps in the right direction – a higher swing high – the market needs to prove itself and once that happens there will be ample opportunities to participate in the paper market. Read More »

9. Noonan: “The Trend Remains DOWN In Gold As Well As Silver – Take A Look At the Charts!”

(January 11/15) We do not engage in any “predictions” of what the market will do as it is an exercise in ego and folly, and a waste of time. One need only go back to those who are making predictions for 2015 and read what was predicted for 2014 for proof. All we can say is that little can be added to what has already been said and that is that the trend remains down in gold, and until there is evidence of a strong reversal, this market continues to move along the Right Hand Side of a weak Trading Range. Read More »

10. Noonan on Gold & Silver: “Markets Don’t Lie & Opinions Don’t Matter.” These Charts Tell It Like It Is

(January 4/15) We choose to focus on the charts because a reflection of developing market activity tells the most accurate and current story. It is not a promising one heading into 2015, however, but it is reality, and to expect anything else will lead to the same disappointments of 2013 and 2014. Forget the ego-driven predictions that have all proven wrong again and again, and deal with what is – and this article deals with what is by looking at the charts. Read More »


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  1. Thank you for your affirmation regarding Mr. Noonan. You are 100% correct and the credibility of your website has rocketed to the top of my list. I give you my thanks.

    I know of no other site which recognizes Mr Noonan as you have, his articles have been, in my assessment, the acid test of the credibility of all sites relating to the precious metals. And you are right about what is the true nature of sites that virtually ignore him. Their motives are a testament to their true character, which is something to be shunned with sever prejudice…

    If you personally know Mr. Noonan please forward my gratitude to him for his truly outstanding work and candor. He is a breath of fresh air in a smoke filled room of avarice.

    Again, my sincerest thanks,

    Andrew J. Yarnot