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Noonan: “Gold & Silver – Insanity Prevails; PMs Without Direction” (+2K Views)

It is futile to try and call for when a collapse of the “dollar”gold-silver2 and/or a change in the world’s monetary system (which may not be a gold-backed currency of some kind) will come. It is a near impossible call to make. All we can do is view the charts looking for change in the movements of gold and silver – and we see none at present.

By Michael Noonan ( as posted* on said site under the title Gold And Silver – Insanity Prevails; PMs Without Direction.

Despite all of the glowing fundamentals on silver, the charts below show a market drifting at lower levels with no signs of a turnaround.

Silver: Monthly Chart

SI M 28 Feb 15

Silver: Weekly Chart

The same holds true for the weekly chart.  Nothing new here.

SI W 28 Feb 15

Silver: Daily Chart

The chart comments cover what is going on.  Not much, for buyers.

SI D 28 Feb 15

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Gold is also a market looking for direction, either way.

Gold: Monthly Chart

GC M 28 Feb 15

Gold: Weekly Chart

There is still a series of lower highs.  The lack of direction is readily apparent.

GC W 28 Feb 15

Gold: Daily Chart

This is an instance where a 5 second look is all that is needed to assess the chart.

GC D 28 Feb 15

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result (Albert Einstein) and that is precisely what the markets are doing in gold and silver these days!

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