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The American War Machine, as it has evolved, achieves its objectivesUS-Flag under the guise of advancing the cause of democracy around the world. Also it purports to be the world’s ‘peace keeper’.  Instead this giant war machine needs enemies to maintain its position of power and legitimacy, its gigantic budgets, and the continuation of its vast private and public bureaucracies which sustain it.  From the outside and from the vantage point of scores of smaller nations, this behemoth is the American Empire.

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Proof of this gigantic military monster is reflected in its annual budget of $580 Billion.  This amount exceeds the aggregate total military budgets of the next ten largest spending nations combined.

When the Soviet Union imploded twenty five years ago, the US Empire/War Machine lost it primary reason for existence. The Empire has since spent its time conjuring enemies to justify the maintenance of its giant war machine.  With the help of the creative minds associated with the neo-conservative movement, the American War Machine has been effective in justifying and advocating reasons for maintaining bloated budgets and bases in 128 countries around the world. To add insult to injury, it has spawned a very undemocratic domestic version called ‘Homeland Security’.

Employment and profits flow from the development, construction and deployment of highly sophisticated computerized weaponry.  But of  course these devices need to be tested in a real world environment to prove their utility and veracity.  But not least, those weapons need to be ‘consumed’ and rendered useless so that they can be replaced and budgets maintained, enlarged and justified.

When the Soviet Union self destructed, the only real enemy of consequence post WWII evaporated. New ‘enemies’ had to be found, or created.  Middle Eastern tyrants, Islamic fundamentalists, nationalistic separatists, economic competitors. anyone, any group or any nation that could be demonized and turned into an enemy became a worthy and justifiable cause and excuse to deploy.

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…The American War Machine has been meticulous over the years in deliberately obfuscating and confusing any discussion by wrapping all things military in the flag, patriotism, protecting and advancing the ideals of American democracy as it is articulated, not practiced.

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The anonymous ranter of the above article followed up with the following comments and link that supports his contentions:

“The US Empire is becoming increasingly dangerous, but when it wraps itself in the flag, it is especially dangerous. Watch this interview with a retired senior military officer, former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell, who explains the nature of the American Empire’s War Machine…how it functions, what it values and its costs. The interview should be a ‘must listen’ for anyone who wants a balanced perspective on the US War Machine or, as he alters Eisenhower’s term, “Military Industrial Congressional Complex’.

The interview is absolutely eye opening since it comes from an informed insider who considers himself a Republican.  This guy is credible in the extreme!

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