Sunday , 24 September 2023

Take Note: The Decline In Equities Has Barely Started

October has been a terrible month for equities yet this is only a start of what’s to come.

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Decline Barely Started

Despite the rout, the S&P is just barely down for the year.

Expect a “Lost Decade”


The Shiller PE Ratio also known as “CAPE”, the Cyclically Adjusted Price-Earnings Ratio, is in the stratosphere. It’s not a timing mechanism, rather it’s a warning mechanism.

The main idea is that earnings are mean reverting [and], on that basis, stocks are more overvalued than any time other than the DotCom era. That [being said, this] is misleading. In 2000 there were many sectors that were extremely cheap. Energy was a standout buy then. So were retail and financials. It’s difficult to find any undervalued sectors now other than gold.

A Financial Crisis Coming

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