Tuesday , 18 June 2024

Gold: These Charts Say It All! (+7K Views)

The following 27 charts provide a historical perspective on Gold in and of itself and its relation with Debt, Inflation and other factors. Anyone interested in gold should look at these charts.

[The charts in this post come from Incrementum*  and are presented by  Lorimer Wilson, editor of www.munKNEE.com and the FREE Market Intelligence Report newsletter (sample here). This paragraph must be included in any article re-posting to avoid copyright infringement.]

1. Average Annual Gold Price

gold 1

2. Comparison With Mid-Cycle Correction in 70s
gold 3
3. Corrections Since The Beginning of This Bull Market (Logarithmic Scale)
gold 28
4. Two Bull Markets: No Parabolic Trend Acceleration Yet
gold 4
5. Gold During Various Currency Crises
gold 5
6. Two Bull Markets: No Parabolic Trend Acceleration Yet
gold 6
7. Stock-To-Flow Ratio: The Most Important Reason for Gold‘s Monetary Status
gold 7
8. Stock-To-Flow Ratio: Annual Production vs. Total Stock in Tonnes
gold 8
9. Relative Scarcity: Gold‘s Supply Curve vs. M2 Growth Maximum, Minimum and Average Rate of Change From 1868 To 2011
gold 9
10. Relative Scarcity: Gold‘s Supply Curve vs. M2 Average Rate of Change: Gold & M2 in Different Time Periods Relative Scarcity:
gold 10a
11. Gold vs. 200 Day Moving Average and Deviation From 200 Day Moving Average
gold 11
12. Gold is “Cheap” vs. FIAT-Money (M0 and MZM)
gold 12
13. No Overvaluation Compared to Stock Market Indices! Gold vs. MSCI USA & MSCI World (Total Return)
gold 13
14. Dow/Gold Ratio since 1900
gold 14
15. Gold, Silver & Commodities During Deflation
gold 1516. Real Interest Rates vs. Gold Price since 1971

gold 1617. Change in Inflation Rate vs. Change in Gold Price: Gold Does Not Correlate With Inflation Rates, But With the Change in Inflation Rates

gold 1718. Annual Return versus Annual Volatility since 1971

gold 1819. Crowded Trade? Gold‘s Share of Total Financial Assets Currently at a Mere 0.5%

gold 1920. Daily Trading Volume in Billion USD: Gold Is One of The Most Liquid Currencies

gold 20 21. Average Daily Turnover as % of Total Outstanding

gold 21

22. Gold in USD & EUR Since 1968 (Logarithmic Scale)

gold 22

23. Gold Price in USD and EUR Since 1999

gold 2324. Purchasing Power of the US Dollar Measured in Gold and Oil Terms vs. Purchasing Power of Gold in Oil Terms (log. scale)

gold 2425. Currency Basket* Measured in Terms of Gold: Long Term Downtrend Intact

gold 2526. Combined Balance Sheet Fed + ECB (USD bn)

gold 2627. Purchasing Power in Various Currencies –How Much Gold Does One Unit of Currency Buy? (log. Scale, indexed to 100)

gold 27


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  1. I have a question: When the various Governments and their Central Bank cronies in this interconnected world of Banking, i.e, the IMF, BIS, and the Banksters, etc, etc, decide,— enough is enough,–and decide to steal (as President Roosevelt did in 1934) by confiscating the Gold possessions of its Citizens and will ALL those Gold depositors i.e, the sheeple bend over backwards to comply again?
    Will there be any country that will NOT co-operate? i.e, we are seeing the loss of Sovereignty in countries (like lets say Switzerland) giving up it’s depositors in compliance with USA fiscal and taxation demands, even today.
    Or is there a PLAN of opposition to what I am certain is coming, but that I am not aware of?
    Where is there REAL protection short of my drainpipe?

  2. Gold and Silver not only will recover but “take off” as investor get caught blind sighted as the US$ and others begin to lose their shine due to Central Bank juggling!