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Martin Armstrong Believes A Sovereign Debt “Big Bang” Is Underway – Here’s Why (+4K Views)

Martin Armstrong sees a peak in bond prices by October 1st, 2015 and a low in interest rates from that point forward - a "Sovereign Debt Big Bang" - and, as the defaults begin to materialize over the following 2 years, a run-up in stocks for safety with interest rates rising along with share prices. Below are excerpts from Armstrong's blog complete with notable charts of his Economic Confidence Model.

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Martin Armstrong Asks: Will Silver Crash in 2011?

Silver has come crashing down right in line with the usual 11 year high. This has come also on a Pi cycle from the October 2008 low (31.4 months). Yet despite the blood and the carnage that is typical in this market [which is] prone to high volatility, whether this proves to be a long-term high of a major shake-out will be revealed in the weeks ahead. Words: 702

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GOLDRUNNER: Gold on Track to Reach $1860 – $1920 by Mid-year (+8K Views)

The Golden Parabola is continuing to follow the cycle of the 70’s Gold Bull as the U.S. Dollar is further devalued against Gold to balance the budget of the United States at this point in the “paper currency cycle” where Global Competitive Currency Devaluations rule. As discussed in a recent editorial this point in the cycle suggests that Gold will soon enter into a more aggressive higher rise in price to $1,860 - $1,920 per ozt. as it starts to project the higher Vth Wave characteristics of this new Golden Parabola. Let me explain. Words: 1403

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Goldrunner: Martin Armstrong’s Economic Confidence Model vs. Gold’s Performance: An Update (+2K Views)

Martin Armstrong, considered to be one of the best - if not the best - market prognosticator in history, had maintained until recently that the price of gold would correct sideways to down into the next bottom of his Economic Confidence Model into June 13, 2011. In a new article that appears to be an apparent response to a recent editorial* I wrote he seems to have changed his position somewhat. Let me explain. Words: 1979

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Goldrunner: Martin Armstrong vs. His Own Model (+3K Views)

Martin Armstrong has stated his expectations for Gold and the PM Sector to fall into the June period and to continue to correct into October based on his Economic Confidence Model. The fractal work that I do off of the 70’s Precious Metals Bull market and other areas of the charts does not agree with his expectations. Thus, in this writing I take a look at how the Precious Metals Sector has performed in reference to Mr. Armstrong’s Model “bottoms” themselves. Words: 1482

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