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There is a debate on Wall Street between those who believe we have entered into the next “secular bull market” and those who believe that the current market advance is predicated on artificial stimulus and, as such, the “secular bear market” remains intact. Take a look below at a series of charts designed to allow you to draw your own conclusions and convey your view in the comments section at the very bottom of the page. Words: 719; Charts: 12 Read More »

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Switzerland is considering providing a monthly income to every citizen, no strings attached, no matter how rich or poor, how hardworking or lazy, how old or young. Should our government do the same? 84% of respondents to one poll said “Yes!” What about you? Read More »


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We all think the price of gold, the metal, is depressed and is about equal to the total cost of production but when one compares the price of precious metals mining companies to the price of gold bullion, their prices are at historical lows. It seems that the mining shares can only go in one direction…up…but when and by how much? This article suggests it presents the greatest opportunity in 30 years. Look at the charts! Absolutely unbelievable. Read More »


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Due to concerns about inflation and money printing, the last 20 years has seen an incredible number of new developments in the world of money. This infographic shows how gold got digital, how digital currencies exploded into life and who the key players are in this global story. Read More »

2. You Can Get a College Education Outside the U.S. For Half the Cost! Here’s Where & How Much

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Americans take note! A first class college education in other English speaking countries can be had for half the average cost of one in the U.S.. This infographic tells you where and how much you would pay. Take a look. Read More »

Gold & Silver

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China is taking over the world one gold bar at a time. The infographic below shows how, in the space of a few decades, it has developed a huge appetite for the world’s physical gold. Read More »


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The World Economic Forum released its annual Global Gender Gap Report for 2013 measuring gender disparity between men and women around the world…and disappointingly the United States didn’t even make it in the top 20! How did your country fare? Read More »

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The Internet’s Most Unique Site for Financial Articles is Here

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There is no need to spend time searching the internet looking for articles worth reading. We do it for you and bring them to you each day on this the “internet’s most unique site for financial articles” and in our newsletter, the “Market Intelligence Report” Read More »


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