Wednesday , 22 May 2024

Bull Run In Silver Could Take It Above $160/ozt – Here’s Why (+6K Views)

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…The silver market is tiny – roughly one-tenth the size of the gold market – so it’s prone to crisis-driven upside explosions as money floods into it during periods of high inflation and today, the stage is set for an explosion in inflation. I expect it to kick off a crisis-driven mania into silver like what happened in 1980 [and] adjusted for today’s prices, that means silver soaring above $160 a [troy] ounce… almost 10 times the current price…[This article] looks at why silver could be on the verge of a big rally…@A Financial Site For Sore Eyes & Inquisitive Minds

…Trillion-dollar deficits are the new normal and that means an avalanche of new government debt to finance them…[which will] make the federal debt grow faster and faster. (Even the government predicts that within 10 years, it will hit nearly $35 trillion, up from $22 trillion today.) @Follow the munKNEE

  • Who will buy all this paper? The only entity with the appetite will be the Federal Reserve.
  • How will the Federal Reserve pay for the U.S. government debt securities it buys? The only way it can: by creating new currency out of thin air and this will debase the dollar and lead to runaway inflation.

Once the dollar starts to lose its value in earnest – which I expect could be sometime before the 2020 election – people will panic into precious metals just like they did in the ’70s and ’80s, but likely on a much bigger scale today, and much of that money will make its way into the tiny silver market. This will cause the price to spike. It’s a predictable pattern. Bottom line, the stars are aligned for a silver price spike for the record books and now is the perfect time to get in…

Silver is overdue for a bull market and as silver prices head higher, select silver mining stocks could offer some of the best crisis investing returns in the months and years ahead.

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  1. Go to China to find silver. The panda excrete it there.

  2. Why the 180 turnaround on your view in Silver? Less that 3 weeks ago you stated that on your article dated Mar 16, 2020 “…Investing in this metal is pure speculation with very little fundamental support… If the economy collapses silver prices will crash along with every other commodity…”

  3. where do I find these select silver stocks<