Tuesday , 18 June 2024

RED ALERT! A Major Financial Collapse Is Coming By End of Year

Based on information that I have received, things that I have been told, and thousands of hours of research that have gone into the publication of more than 1,300 articles about our ongoing economic collapse, I have come to the conclusion that a major financial collapse is imminent.  Therefore, I am issuing a RED ALERT for the last six months of 2015. HERE‘s why.

The above is a quote from an article* by Michael Snyder (theeconomiccollapseblog.com) which was originally posted under the title The Economic Collapse Blog Has Issued A RED ALERT For The Last Six Months Of 2015 which can be read in its entirety (with an array of charts) HERE.

Snyder goes on to say in further edited excerpts from his original article:

(I have never done anything like this before.  Ever since I started The Economic Collapse Blog in late 2009, I have never issued any kind of “red alert” for any specific period of time.  As an attorney, I was trained to be level-headed and to only come to conclusions that were warranted by the evidence so this is not something that I am doing lightly.)

The period of relative stability that we have been enjoying is ending.  What comes next is going to lead us into the worst period of time in modern American history.

I wish that I was wrong about this but the goal is not to scare you.  My wife and I live our lives with absolutely no fear, and that is my desire for all of my readers.  There is hope in understanding what is happening and there is hope in getting prepared.  Personally, my wife and I believe that the greatest chapters of our lives are ahead of us, and I hope that you have a similar outlook.

We need a generation of people that are willing to rise up and do great things even in the midst of all the chaos and darkness that is coming.  It is when times are the darkest that the greatest heroes are needed – so what will you choose to do when the next crisis comes? Will you cower in fear, or will you rise up to meet the challenge?

Please feel free to tell us what you think by posting a comment below…


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  1. I believe that the value of PM’s are being affected by very large investors and /or Governments shorting PM using flat money which they can print as needed. When physical PM’s are required to sell PM’s short, then we will see the values of PM’s zoom upward as all those without physical PM’s scramble to acquire them as their values climbs skyward.

    From 12/14/13: https://munknee.com/noonan-heres-why-silver-is-so-low-what-to-do-about-it/

    Naked Shorts Exposed!

    Yes, I agree that the PM market is being manipulated by the Central Banks and their close friends the Big Banks; sooner or later all the things they are juggling to keep the lid on this can of fiscal worms is going to end and then we will se PM’s suddenly restored to there rightful value as everyone scrambles to “fill” the paper trades, which will cause the values of PM’s to skyrocket!

    A good example of what may happen very soon is what happened to VW stock when investors were using naked shorts to drive VW stock downward. Then suddenly there was none to be had, (since VW was quietly buying up as much of it as they could get on the quiet) and those not holding physical shares had to pay what was then enormous amounts to settle their accounts, which made VW stock very valuable!

  2. From almost exactly one year ago:

    Whatever IT is, when it happens it will either happen slowly or quickly and depending upon what speed IT happens, investors will either have little or NO time to respond!

    To me that is the biggest reason to consider adding some PM to the portfolio’s you administer!


  3. The odds of something happening by the end of 2015 is 50:50 but that said I think that there is a greater chance because so many financial “disappointments” are occurring globally that I believe that sooner rather than later there will be a major shakeup and when it does the value of Precious Metals (PM) will provide portfolio protection as “flat” money’s value fluctuates wildly.

    Here is a great example of what is happening “behind the scenes”:


  4. Dennis Fujihara

    The Book of Revelations. I certainly hope not.