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Head’s Up! A Perfect “Financial” Storm May Be Developing (+2K Views)

In the financial world at this very moment we have 8 different “weather systems” that are all developing in real time. If several of the more powerful components were to converge – and reinforce each other – then we could very rapidly reach the point of greatest financial instability that the world has seen since 2008.

Modern severe financial crises can stem from the intersection of three separate but deeply intertwined risks – those of contagion risk, liquidity risk and counterparty risk, and this “perfect storm” that is developing is starting to look like it could potentially trigger all three of these risks.

This doesn’t mean a certain end of the financial world as we know it – this analysis isn’t a forecast or a “call” – but rather a “head’s up” that our radar map is starting to light up from one end to the other with notable developments.

Keep an eye on the radar, this could get interesting!

The original article (see HERE) assembles a step by step description of each of these 8 “weather systems” and how they interrelate.

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  1. How (in layman’s terms) will I be able to tell by keeping a daily watch on markets (especially metals, dollar, oil) when the. collapse is a couple months/weeks/days away? How long will it take to get a working monetary system back in place? Will I need to be full TEOTWAKI long-term (months/years) economic survival plan; or merely survival provisioning in place for weeks/months? Both will be my trigger to provisions spending of cash on hand and converging any remaining to metals while in freefall zone.

    Currently, my family is in a military temporary lodging facility, possibly for summer while waiting for permanent relocation to husband’s next transfer as soon as October. Necessarily, I haven’t the space for my normal provisions and my cash reserves have dwindled far below comfortable. It’s an anxiety laden time, especially since most reliable forecasts are for a summer 2015 economic crisis.

    Any and all help is appreciated. I have to make the most of any notice possible, even a few days. Depending on timeline of advance warning, I need to decide to shelter in place a guarded gate away from 75-100K people or retreat to an out of the way military camp 2-3 hours away. Hopeful even just a few days’ would be enough warning for me to utilize a military commissary and exchange for as many supplies as can be leveraged between snapping up additional silver to our tiny cache of 40/90% junk. Unfortunately, we can’t afford gold even at $800., other than my very small jewelry box content.

    What truly will happen in America? How will the Fed interest weirdness rate signal affect the millions who have financed vehicles or houses at set rates? What happens when banks fold and cannot collect or process payments from customers? Is there a sign/signal to stop paying secured debt? For instance, Wells Fargo implodes; there is just no way to pay anyone to repo vehicles or houses. What then? Just keep vehicle/house forever: possession is 9/10ths and all that implies.

    No trolls, but answers can go to [email protected]. Best Regards.

  2. As many of us have said for a long time, all we need is a tiny Global hiccup to throw the current financial system into a tailspin that will cause PM values to skyrocket, therefore all investors would be wise to re-evaluate the portfolios they manage to make sure that they would weather that potential financial storm.

    Said another way, all it will take is one Geo-Political “event” and then all bets are off as far as the values of PM’s are concerned during the rest of 2015 or in 2016.

    I think the odds are at least 50-50 so the real question is not IF to own PM’s but HOW MUCH TO OWN.

    Good Luck to all of US.

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