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Once Gold & Silver Bottom Which Will Be the Better Investment? (+5K Views)

We are getting closer and closer to the bottom in gold and silver andfine silver fine gold many are wondering once we bottom what would be a better investment moving forward, silver or gold? Words: 255

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To answer this question, we can look to the last bull market of 2000 to 2011 and see what the metals prices did.

Year Average Price of Silver % Increase (Decrease) in Silver Average Price of Gold % Increase (Decrease) in Gold
2000 $4.95 —- $279.11 —-
2001 4.37 (11.72) 271.04 (2.89)
2002 4.60 5.26 309.73 14.27
2003 4.85 5.43 363.38 17.32
2004 6.66 37.32 409.72 12.75
2005 7.31 9.76 444.74 8.55
2006 11.54 57.87 603.46 35.69
2007 13.38 15.94 695.39 15.23
2008 14.98 11.96 871.96 25.39
2009 14.67 (financial crisis) (2.07) 972.35 11.51
2010 20.19 37.62 1224.53 25.94
2011 35.11 73.89 1571.52 28.34

There are a few important revelations I see in analyzing the growth of each metal each year. The first is that gold began to move up first. Silver was a laggard but did also start to move higher with gold in 2001.

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After two years of gold leading silver higher, silver took over for gold and moved higher for 4 straight years. When the financial crisis hit silver had a negative return for the year but gold finished the year up 11.51%. The final two years of the bull run we saw silver outperform gold.

My conclusion is that gold should outperform silver once we bottom but after a couple years silver should lead gold higher…[In fact,] silver will double before gold does and once we hit bottom silver will more than likely…quadruple in price before gold doubles in price.

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