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Noonan’s Chart Insights On USD, Oil, Gold & Silver (+2K Views)

[As outlined in this article,] there are no reasons to buy papergold-coin-stacks gold or silver.  [That being said,] the reasons for buying and holding physical gold & silver are more compelling than ever, and we expect those reasons to become even more compelling.

U.S. Dollar Index

While nearing recent highs, the market is not internally strong. If a new high is to be had, it could be short-lived, but this is not an interpretation for picking a top, just seeking context in this fiat.

DX W 30 Jan 16

Crude Oil

There is a growing likelihood that…[there] could be the start of a base or rapid turnaround rally in oil.   If a base, a nominal lower low is possible, but price may find more support at current levels.

CL M 30 Jan 16


…Absent a surprise sustained rally, gold is not indicating a turn around in its current down trend.  It is at an area where some basing can be expected, but there is not sufficient positive activity to say it is happening.

GC M 30 Jan 16

GC W 30 Jan 16

The daily activity supports what the weekly chart above shows in potential weakness.  For the paper market, it is too risky to pay up and buy into a rally, at this early stage.  We need to see more evidence that buyers are gaining control.

GC D 30 Jan 16


Sellers have ceased making any meaningful gains lower in silver, not surprisingly given the ultra bullish fundamentals, and that may be the reason.  However, we read charts without consideration to underlying fundamentals.  The premise is all considerations have already been taken into account, is a known factor, and has been priced in.  For as little downward direction sellers are making, buyers are totally unable to take advantage and push price higher.  Until you see such change where rally bars have a wider range and strong closes on strong volume, silver remains stuck at these levels.

SI M 30 Jan16

We look for synergy between the various time frames, and the weekly [chart below] supports what the monthly chart conveys.  There has been no meaningful rally over the past three months, and price remains well under a 50% retracement, a general guide to lack of market strength.

SI W 30 Jan 16

All three time frames tell the same “story” of weakness, an inability to rally above TR resistance.  Trading ranges are hard to analyze, so we leave this one alone, other than to reiterate it stems from weakness and shows no internal strength.


There are no reasons to buy paper gold or silver.  The reasons for buying and holding physical gold and silver are more compelling than ever, and we expect those reasons to become even more compelling.  Price is irrelevant and way, way undervalued.

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