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Noonan: No Ending Action In Sight For Silver (+2K Views)

The inevitable end for central bank control…is certain: the end is near, and fiat currencies are likely to implode and cause10 Ounce Silver Bullion Bars enormous financial ruin for those unprepared.  It is crucial, now more than ever to be buying physical silver. [Let me explain more fully and update you on just what the charts are saying today.] 

So says Michael Noonan ( in edited excerpts from his original article entitled Silver – Charts Offer Most Reliable Information, Period.

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Noonan goes on to say in further edited excerpts:

Precious metals are the last asset class standing, still languishing at the bottom of the pile.  Housing took off.  The art market is still soaring.  The stock market is breaking into record high territory.  Even the wine market is breaking records.

What of silver and gold?  Both with the largest, legitimate record demand remain constrained by the unnatural forces of planned manipulation.  Their time will come, and when it does, the unleashed built-up forces will meet, maybe even surpass all expectations.  If Bitcoin can go from under a dollar to over $1,240 in a few short years, the demand for a more recognized and historically reliable pricing asset, like silver, will pay off hugely for holders of the physical.

As to what the charts say, short of a surprise V-type bottom, where price advances rapidly, without building a base, we see no ending action to the current decline in silverOnce price reaches a bottom, and silver seems nearer to a bottom since the $50 highs, it can take several months, even a year or more, to build a base from which to launch a sustained rally.

These are abnormal times, and how price develops, moving forward, may be subject to some abnormal moves.  We are talking about the paper market, to which the physical market is still tied, however loosely, and we hold no illusions that the paper market controls the physical.  Rather, central banks have no counter parts to the influence they exert.  China may be an enabling offset as it builds even greater eventual counter force, along with the BRICS nations and others gladly joining.

The most important factor for any market is the direction of the trend showing the prevailing momentum.  For silver, the trend remains down. [To see a couple of charts illustrating this please go the original article* as linked below.]  Before any market in a down trend can go higher, first, it has to stop going lower.  This is basic logic, but it eludes a great number of people.


We just have to wait and see what develops.  The best part of watching is that there is no need for guessing, or worse, predicting.  Let the market do what it will and then simply read the message and follow the then known information with better results likely.

In all events, buy the physical, buy the physical, buy the physical, regardless of price. Owning silver is a form of insurance, if you will.  You buy life insurance, health and home insurance, car insurance, etc….for the unexpected.  For silver, there is no unexpected, only the inevitable, and it is among the best forms of insurance you can own for protection from imploding paper currency.

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