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Margin Debt: It Doesn’t Matter ’til It Matters! Is Now the Time to Be Worried About the S&P 500? (+2K Views)

It doesn’t matter until it matters! IF margin debt should start decreasing swiftly, history would suggestinvesting-hold-buy-sell something different is taking place in the mind of aggressive investors. Will a decline in margin debt from all-time highs matter this time?

So writes Chris Kimble ( in edited excerpts from his original article* entitled Margin debt takes a turn from all-time high levels. Be concerned?.
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Kimble goes on to say in further edited excerpts:

In the past margin debt at historical levels didn’t seem to matter, until margin debt started decreasing. The chart below (courtesy of Doug Short – original article**)  highlights that at each (1), margin debt was at historical highs and then turned south and the S&P 500 soon followed.



…Margin debt has been swiftly pushing higher for the past 8 months in a row and now slipped a little this past month. IF….IF margin debt should start decreasing swiftly, history would suggest something different is taking place in the mind of aggressive investors.

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