Friday , 19 July 2024


  1. Opening an Chinese Bank account is yet another attraction for some while visiting China, since China is now and will continue to be an economic powerhouse!

    Still not sure, ask yourself why they bought Rockefeller Center, which also has its own unground tunnel to the US Gold Depository.

  2. Already got one. One interesting feature of it is that a single account can be multi-currency. My account currently can hold Yuan (RMB), CAD and US$ and I can exchange money between these currencies within the account at the nominal exchange rate (or very close to it) thus avoiding the 2-3% fee that our banks or forex companies charge.

    I also just checked the account a few days ago as I left very little money in it when I last left China and while there has been no activity in over a year it is still sitting there happy as can be with no service fees during that time.