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Look At What’s Happening In China These Days

Here’s a truthful look at what’s happening in the single most underestimated, misunderstood, and perpetually disrespected country on earth – China – and:

  • why it’s stock market is creating an ideal moment to invest,
  • how savvy investors are jumping in, and
  • what steps you can take to join them (including three investments you can make today).

Here’s everything you need to know

2. Chinese Home Price Data Showing Improvement

Home prices have represented a multi-faceted threat to China’s economy through not only the relationship with the financial system, but also to the consumption story via the wealth effect. The most recent data presented in this article concludes that Policymakers’ earlier efforts to support/stimulate the housing market are indeed working, something which could significantly reduce overall risks in China’s financial system.

3. Chinese Steel Exports Rising

Steel mills are under pressure to close excess capacity but so far the result has been limited, excess capacity is being offered for export rather than any real attempt made to exercise market discipline and shutter plants. As THIS article points out, the trend is likely to get worse before it gets better, particularly if Beijing’s hard line continues, we can expect more trade disputes and possibly lower prices in the year ahead.

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10. Now You, Too, Can Predict When China Will Overtake America Using This Cool Interactive Tool

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