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Here’s What 15 Bullion Billionaires Have To Say About Gold (+4K Views)

Learn from the following 15 bullion billionaires regarding wealthMultiple-forms-of-gold-bullion diversification and purchasing power preservation via gold investment.

The commentary above & below consists of edited excerpts from an article* by Vronsky (

The following 15 investment gurus are eminently among the wealthiest men worldwide and, although their vast wealth was not built primarily from gold investing, all use gold as the perfect store of value with a view to preserve purchasing power vis-à-vis the relentless loss of value of all fiat currencies.

Here are the BULLION BILLIONAIRES WHO LIKE GOLD…and a sample of their erudite wisdom

Carlos Slim Helu (world’s 2cd richest man net worth of $73 billion) Mexican Carlos Slim’s Minera Frisco agreed in 2012 to purchase several operating gold mines in Mexico from AuRico Gold Inc. for $750 million.

 George Soros (net worth of $23 billion)

“The U.S. dollar is very weak. Investors are moving to real assets.” “There is a massive shifting of wealth to new economic powers.”

Carl Icahn (net worth of $21 billion)

“The system is not working properly.”  “In risk there is reward…” “My opinion is that, philosophically, I’m doing the right thing in trying to shake up some of these managements. It’s a problem in America today that we are not nearly as productive as we should be. That’s why we have the balance-of-payments problems. It’s like the fall of Rome, when half the population was on the dole.”

John Paulson (net worth $11 billion invested in gold)

“I view gold as a currency, not a commodity. Its importance as a currency will continue to increase as the major central banks around the world continue to print money.”

“Of all the investments we made in all the bankruptcies, all the events, all the mergers, etc., the single most important investment I made was switching to the gold share class.”

 Mikhail Prokhorov (over $9 billion invested in gold)

“We’re looking now at what the world financial system is going to do with all this money that was printed during the financial crisis. If there’s continued inflation, we’ll see a global trend for raw materials and gold is not an exception. I’m optimistic that the gold price will stay at the same price or higher.”

Paul Tudor Jones (net worth of $3.3 billion)

“I have never been a gold bug, it is just an asset that, like everything else in life, has its time and place. And that time is now.”

Stanley Druckenmiller (net worth $4.4 billion)

Druckenmiller’s Fund recently bought $300 million worth of SPDR Gold Trust (GLD), an ETF that tracks the price of gold. It’s a huge bet, even for a big-time trader like Druckenmiller. He put 20% of his Fund’s money into this trade, and it’s his largest position.  He sees gold as a “home run.”

Michael Avery (holds $3.3 billion of Waddell & Reed Fund in gold)

“In 5,000 years of human history, gold has been the currency of choice, the store of value, when humans have called into question their governments’ efforts to solve problems by running printing presses and injecting money into the economy.”

Paul Singer (net worth $1.9 billion)

“Gold Is under owned and the “only real money.”

David Einhorn ($1.4 billion net worth)

“Gold is the money of choice and we would like to have a meaningful amount of our assets denominated in gold. It’s the biggest position in the fund”… “It’s the one kind of money Bernanke can’t print more of.”

M.G. George Muthoot (net worth $1.1 billion)

“If this business was as easy as it sounds, all my branch managers would be setting up their own gold loan companies.”

Eric Sprott (net worth of $1.0 billion…mostly related to precious metal investments)

“We had the stock market collapse of 2001 – 2003.  Then we had (the more intense collapse of) 2007, 2008, 2009.  The next one (collapse) is going to be worse because that’s just how these cycles progress. This one that’s in front of us, I’m assuming it’s going to be the mother of all stock market collapses.”

Thomas Kaplan (over $1.0 billion invested in gold)

“People view gold as emotional, but when they de-mythologize it, when they look at it for what it is and the opportunity it represents, they’re going to say, “We really should own some of that. The question will then change to “Where do we get the gold?”

Marc Stern (holds $550 million of Bessemer Trust in gold)

“At the core of the sharp downturn is an absence of confidence. Rising debt levels in Europe and the U.S., uncertainty about policymakers’ willingness to restore fiscal order, and increasingly cautious corporate sentiment that is consistent with slowing global growth are the chief culprits.”

Jim Rogers (net worth of $300 million)

“Gold will be the great investment over the next decade.”

The Upshot Of  This Article:

While we may not rationally hope to attain the level of wealth of these fabulous 15 BULLION BILLIONAIRES, we can copy, learn and take advantage of their example of wealth diversification and purchasing power preservation via gold investment.

OverstockCEO-Johnson[Editor’s note: Chairman Jonathan Johnson recently told the audience at the United Precious Metals Association (UPMA) that has stockpiled $10 million in gold outside of the banking system. He believes there will be another significant financial crisis with bank runs and wants his company to be able to access funds, pay employees and keep the business running. See source HERE.]

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  1. I’m not a Billionaire or even a Millionaire, but I believe that all the above mentioned Billionaire investors own Gold because it is easier to store than the equivalent amount of money in Silver. If both Silver and Gold were valued the same, I bet many of the above would own far more Silver than Gold.

    For small investors (looking to become Big Investors) Silver should be their preferred PM choice.

    Either way the real question is, Got Physical PM’s?