Sunday , 3 December 2023

Here’s How Different Generations Would Invest $10,000  A Fast & Easy Read of the Latest & Best Financial Articles

Question: If you were given $10,000 tax-free and had the ability to invest all of it in one of the following options, which would you choose?

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Here are the results of the sample as a whole:

How to Invest $10K? % of Respondents
Pay down debt 27.3%
Real estate 13.5%
Savings account or CDs 12.2%
401(k) or Roth IRA 9.9%
Stock market 7.2%
Child’s education 6.9%
Small business 6.2%
Virtual currency 5.1%
Education 3.2%
Other/Unsure 8.5%

Paying down debt (27.3%) was by far the most popular response. It’s also interesting to see that many people would opt to put the $10k towards their own small business, education, or even digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin.

Now, here’s the same data grouped together by generations:

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One comment

  1. Now it’s sure to raise the ire of goldbugs that precious metals, as an asset class, weren’t considered worthy of inclusion on this list as anything more than “Other.” Why? This could get interesting.