Monday , 17 June 2024

Gold & Gold Stocks To Explode Higher In Coming Weeks – Here’s Why

President Obama had a sit down with Fed Chair Janet Yellen last Monday which was the first one-gold riseon-one meeting they’ve had since October 2014 (right before Congressional elections). [Why? Because] the last Fed rate hike (the first in 9 years) did so much damage it took multiple Central Banks unveiling multiple new policies to undo it. In light of this, what are the odds Obama pushed Yellen to refrain from hiking rates and pushing an already weak economy into full-blown recession? Pretty darn high…[so what are the implications for future inflation and the price of commodities?]

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[Well, instead of] another rate hike this year we’ll get numerous Fed officials playing “good cop, bad cop” with different verbal interventions to maintain the illusion that another rate hike is possible. Politically, however, it is not, which means inflation will be rising even more in the coming months. Indeed, sticky inflation is moving sharply higher. This will only worsen as commodities continue to rebound.

The precious metals markets know it too. Inflation is here – and the Fed isn’t going to try and stop it.


Gold and gold-related investments will be exploding higher in the coming weeks.

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