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Gold Could Jump To $5,000 Within Minutes! Here’s How & Why (+2K Views)

A central bank’s worst nightmare is when they want inflation and can’t get it. The Fed’s tricks gold risehave all failed. Is there another rabbit in the hat? Actually, there is. The Fed could announce that effective immediately the price of gold was $5,000 per troy ounce which would cause massive inflation within 15 minutes.

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They could call a board meeting, vote on a new policy, walk outside and announce to the world that effective immediately, the price of gold was $5,000 per troy ounce.

The Fed could make that new price stick by using the Treasury’s gold in Fort Knox and the major U.S. bank gold dealers to conduct “open market operations” in gold. They would be a buyer if the price hit $4,950 per troy ounce or less and a seller if the price hit $5,050 per troy ounce or higher.

They would print money when they buy and reduce the money supply when they sell via the banks. This is exactly what the Fed does today in the bond market when they pursue QE. The Fed would simply substitute gold for bonds in their dealings. The Fed would target the gold price rather than interest rates.

Of course, the point of $5,000 gold is not to reward gold investors. The point is to cause a generalized increase in the price level. A rise in the price of gold from $1,000 per troy ounce to $5,000 per troy ounce is really an 80% devaluation of the dollar when measured in the quantity of gold that one dollar can buy.

This 80% devaluation of the dollar against gold would cause all other dollar prices to rise also. Oil would be $400 per barrel, gas would be $10.00 per gallon at the pump and so on. There it is — massive inflation in 15 minutes: the time it takes to vote on the new policy.

Don’t think this is possible? It has happened in the U.S. twice in the past 80 years. You may even know some people who lived through both episodes.

  1. The first time was in 1933 when President Franklin Roosevelt ordered an increase in the gold price from $20.67 per troy ounce to $35.00 per troy ounce, nearly a 75% rise in the dollar price of gold. He did this to break the deflation of the Great Depression, and it worked. The economy grew strongly from 1934-36.
  2. The second time was in the 1970s when President Richard Nixon ended the conversion of dollars into gold by U.S. trading partners. Nixon did not want inflation, but he got it. Gold went from $35 per troy ounce to $800 per troy ounce in less than nine years, a 2,200% increase. U.S. dollar inflation was over 50% from 1977-1981. The value of the dollar was cut in half in those five years.

History shows that raising the dollar price of gold is the quickest way to cause general inflation. If the markets don’t do it, the government can. It works every time…

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