Monday , 17 January 2022

Gold Could Eventually Reach $20,000/ozt.

What follows are some edited and abridged excepts of comments made by Dr. Stephen Leeb in his latest post on King World News which you are encouraged to read in its entirety here.

“…You may have noticed that it has become more common lately to hear talk about the dollar being replaced but you rarely hear anyone bring up gold. That’s hardly surprising, but don’t let it fool you into thinking it means gold won’t come into play.

Gold Will Surge Well Above $5,000

Until enough i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed to let gold’s initial gains occur in a measured fashion, you’re not likely to hear gold brought into the conversation. [Indeed,] if gold were invoked at this stage, it would likely lead to a chaotic surge in the metal, pushing it perhaps to $5,000 or even higher very rapidly and that would disrupt an orderly transition to a new system….

Gold’s eventual target will depend on many factors, including potential resource scarcities, but as a round number, $20,000 seems about right. If that sounds improbably high, remember that the DJIA, now at 36,000, traded below 800 two generations ago…” continue reading here… 

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  1. Super smart analyst Lyn Alden reviews the USD, one of the key factors for Gold price.

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