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What In the Financial World Is Going On? A Perspective

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Most Recent Articles       December 15, 2014
“The following articles have just been posted due to their exceptionally informative content and were edited, abridged and reformatted, where necessary, to provide you with a fast and easy read. Enjoy!”
Will Stocks & Bonds Get Killed When Interest Rates Rise?
Many investors are absolutely certain stocks and bonds are both going to get killed once the Fed finally does decide to raise rates. The historical record, however, doesn’t clearly back up that argument. Let me explain.
New Hindenburg Omen Suggests Stock Market Crash Coming Within 4 Months!
If we have an official Hindenburg Omen then a critical set of market conditions necessary for a stock market crash exists – and such occurred on Dec.2nd. We now have a much higher-than-random probability of a stock market crash, or at the very least a significant decline, starting sometime over the next four months.
Derivatives Crisis & Economic Meltdown Could Result From Falling Oil Prices – Here’s Why
We are heading for a derivatives crisis unlike anything that we have ever seen. It is going to make the financial meltdown of 2008 look like a walk in the park.
What Would An Interest Rate Hike In 2015 Mean For Stocks?
Sooner or later, the Federal Reserve will begin normalizing monetary policy, which means higher interest rates are coming, and this has investors rightfully worried because higher rates mean higher interest costs, which should be bad for profits and ultimately stocks. New research, however, suggests that a severe S&P reaction to such hikes is to be expected. Here’s why.
Don’t Ignore This Indicator Of Coming Stock Market Crash/Correction in 2015
Even though the fact that we are in the midst of an absolutely insane financial bubble should be glaringly obvious to anyone with half a brain, the above referred to skeptics have convinced themselves that the current state of affairs can persist indefinitely. Sadly, it looks like what is about to hit us in 2015 is going to serve as a very rude wake up call for them and for the millions of other Americans that currently have their heads in the sand.
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Only These 42 Analysts Dare Predict When – and At What Price – Gold Will Peak
When the Bubble Bursts It Will Cause Deflation & Drive Widespread Social Unrest – Here’s Why
Want Financial Success? Here’s THE Key
Noonan on Gold & Silver: “Odds favor retesting lower from here”
The Great Depression: What Caused It & What Can Be Learned From It?
5 Lies About America’s $18 Trillion Debt Refuted


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