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Dramatic Increase In Centi-millionaires Coming – Here’s Where (+27K Views)

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This infographic shows some of the findings of Knight Frank’s Wealtheconomy-usdollar9 Report 2015, which looks at how many millionaires, centi-millionaires, and billionaires will be made in different regions of the world over the next decade. All of this is based on how many assets are accumulated by an individual. Take a look.

The commentary above & below consists of edited excerpts from an infographic from

In our mind, there are three major takeaways from the chart above:
  1. the growth rate for these elite groups of wealthy people are the lowest in Western countries…[given that] most of the big opportunities have been taken advantage of, and the economic growth rates of advanced economies are lower.
  2. Asia leads in every category in absolute terms for adding new millionaires, centimillionaires, and billionaires. The region is projected to add 342 new billionaires at a 70% growth rate over the next decade, which is more than North America, Europe, Australasia, and Latin America combined. Also astounding is the fact that there will be 5,169 individuals that accumulate over $100 million in assets in Asia over the next 10 years. In contrast, North America will add 3,079 at less than half of the growth rate (25%).
  3. While the absolute numbers of Asia are stunning in sheer size, it is the relative numbers…in Africa that also catch our eye. Africa will add millionaires at the highest clip of all regions in the next decade at a 53% growth rate…
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