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Don’t Be Surprised By A Sudden, Strong Movement In Price of Silver – Here’s Why (2K Views)

 …Silver is undervalued…[these days but] has shown over time that it can jump up in price withsunshine-silver-slide-e1268276971175 sudden, strong movements. Today’s infographic, which covers silver’s biggest win and loss streaks since 1970, really helps to show the magnitude of this volatility. In fact, silver has gone on 58 such runs where it jumped more than 10% in price in a mere matter of days. [Take a look.]

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Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist and JMBullion

While the most extreme silver price movements can be traced back to the Hunt era, it has still has had many big movements in modern times. About 38% of silver’s biggest win streaks (and 40% of its notable losing streaks) have happened since 2000.

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