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Trump Would Elevate Gold’s Standing For Decades To Come

The “Donald” is no stranger to understanding how to manipulate the value of the United States Trumpdollar and the United States media for his personal gain and his corporations’ financial benefit so, as we fast forward to Election Day 2016, let’s take a look at 6 reasons the future of the United States dollar under President Trump could affect the U.S. economy, value of the dollar and the value of gold.

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1.       Trump has used Gold as a form of payment. In 2011, the Trump organization did more than talk about gold, it actually accepted $200,000 in gold as a form of payment for a future tenant lease.  (FoxBusiness)

2.       Trump owns physical Gold.  As a Presidential candidate Mr. Trump has disclosed several of his assets inside of his net worth.  We now know that Mr. Trump personally owns physical gold bullion and likely owns other types of gold in his various holdings.  (Kitco)

3.       As Commander in Chief he would fight the currency war and win.  It’s interesting how most Americans understand that their assets can go up or down in value, but very few link the value of their dollar as being higher or lower in value.  Globally, Mr. Trump understands that a strong dollar has great repercussions to America’s worldwide competitiveness.  He has vowed to fight a currency war with China, the EU, and other global players.  You don’t win that war with a strong dollar. That’s why Mr. Trump would wage and win a currency war like no other candidate.  That war would weaken our buying power domestically making gold more costly for Americans.  (TheWeek)

4.       Other candidates support a form of the Gold Standard– Ted Cruz, Rand Paul (W), Mike Huckabee (W).  Mr. Trump has ample support amongst the conservative rank and file whom, if chosen as a VP would walk in line with Trump’s financial decisions. Again, these candidates don’t just theorize about gold, they actually own gold.  (MarketWatch)

5.       20% of the United States already accepts Gold bullion as a legal tender.  In these states the government has legalized gold and silver for payments of taxes, goods and services.  With the number growing rapidly, President Trump would find a large base of Americans willing to return gold back to it’s legal tender status.  (StateLegalTender)

6.      Gold $20,000 an ounce.  I can clearly see eyes already rolling because there is no way that gold could rise to this fairytale value, right?  However, if the U.S. were to return to a gold standard, according to Jeffrey Christian of CPM Group, the government will only print money if it has gold in its Treasury equivalent to 40% of the currency in circulation.  Today’s gold price combined with the U.S.’s total gold holdings would calculate to about $500B-$1T.   A revaluation of gold near $20,000 would allow for a return that would offset America’s near $19T deficit.   If you think that is impossible, what are your thoughts on America electing its first black president, legalizing gay marriage, normalizing formal relations with Cuba and a race towards Universal health care?  (OpenMarkets)

Mr. Trump is an alternative presidential candidate unlike anything we have seen in modern times.  Gold has served as an alternative investment for nearly 5,000 years used as both a hedge and store of value. The combination of Mr. Trump’s desire to jumpstart a currency war and his willingness to think creatively may elevate gold’s standing domestically and internationally for decades to come.

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