Tuesday , 21 September 2021

Asset Allocation

Collapse of Risk Ratio Is Worrisome – Here’s What It Means & What Action You Should Take

The collapse in the STA Risk Ratio, which tracks the most common measures of market sentiment, is a clear signal that something has changed in the market and that risk of a broader correction has risen sharply. While this is only one measure of "risk" it does suggest that investors should pay closer attention to their portfolios than normal and implement some risk management practices.

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It’s Time to Invest In Europe – Here’s Why & How

The Eurozone economy (and currency) – which was once on the brink of complete and utter disaster – is finally on the road to recovery....[Here is] a safe way for skittish investors (i.e. – the non-contrarians) to take advantage of the opportunity in Europe before it disappears. Words: 503; Charts: 1

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The Merits of Using Gold as a Portfolio Diversifier

Although not perfect (nothing is), gold has a tendency to go up in the face of external shocks...[and] tends to have a low and sometimes negative correlation to US equities. As such, with stocks up, gold being down is not a terrible outcome for the investor using gold as a diversifier. Let me explain further below.

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