Tuesday , 21 March 2023


Recessions: 8 Things You Need To Know

A recession is the scariest creature in the average investor's closet of anxieties...because they can mean lower home prices, lower stock prices and, of course, higher unemployment [but] if you're prepared for the next one, there will be plenty of opportunities when that downturn ends. [That being said,] the more you know about recessions, the better, so here are 8 must-know facts about them.

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The Only Solution To Global Debt Is Default

The illusion that the global economy could effortlessly add trillions in debt to fund living large forever was based on a brief historical anomaly of zero interest rates enabled by low inflation that was never sustainable and the eventual consequences on supply, demand, risk and price discovery are finally visible.

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6 Ways the Super-Strong USD Could Hurt the World Economy

The US dollar has been on a major surge against major global currencies in the past year, recently hitting levels not seen in 20 years and, as the world’s reserve currency, such changes in its value have implications for the entire global economy. Below are five of the main ones.

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“Greater Fools” Driving USD Higher

The U.S. has the highest inflation in 40 years, and yet it also has the strongest dollar in 20 years. How can that be? How can the dollar be so weak and yet be so strong at the exact same time? [This article] tries to make sense of this tale of two dollars.

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