Sunday , 2 April 2023


Here’s What’s Coming! Warning: Reader Discretion Is Advised! (+7K Views)

Warning: Reader discretion is advised! You are about to read a fictional account of what we could be faced with in the coming years - perhaps as early as 2024 - based on events that are already taking place in America today. It is most alarming but, unfortunately, after everything I’ve seen during my time inside Wall Street, inside the CIA and inside the halls of the Pentagon, that’s the path America’s heading down.

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Toronto Has More High-rise Construction Than Any Other N.A. City

Construction cranes for residential housing in Q3 2022 in select North American cities. 0 25 50 75 100 125 Toronto Seattle Denver Chicago Calgary Los Angeles Washington Portland San Francisco Phoenix Honolulu New York Las Vegas Boston Cranes San Francisco Residential: 4 Region Residential Toronto 126 Seattle 36 Denver 23 Chicago 14 Calgary 12 Los Angeles 10 Washington 7 Portland 5 San Francisco 4 Phoenix 3 Honolulu 2 New York 1 Las Vegas 0 Boston 0 Source: RLB; Better Dwelling. In contrast, the next most residential cranes were located in Seattle (36), Denver (23), and Chicago (14). Once again, what’s happening in Toronto isn’t even close to anywhere else. The scale is reminiscent of the 2006 boom in Dubai. Hopefully things work out a little better.

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The U.S. Dollar Index: A Deceptive Indicator of USD Strength (+3K Views)

Most of the major financial news outlets and many investors have come to rely on the movements of the U.S. Dollar Index as a daily barometer of the U.S. dollar's relative strength and weakness taking it on faith that the Dollar Index is the dollar – pure and simple. In reality, the Index offers a very distortive view of the movement of the dollar against the currencies that matter most. If anything, recent movements of the Index are a reflection of euro weakness rather than dollar strength. Words: 1019

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