Sunday , 2 April 2023


An Assessments of Powell’s Favorite Indicators Say…

Powell has three jobs at the Federal Reserve: Ensure the US Treasury market functions; Price stability and Employment. [Below is my assessment of how each is evolving and what we can expect from the Fed over the next 3 to 6 months and the effect on the U.S. economy.] 

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Top 10 Videos For Week

Lyn Alden: The economy is crashing into stagflation... Edward Dowd: CV19 vax deadliest fraud in history … Jim Rickards : New kind of globalization is coming … Stanley Druckenmiller: The bubble has burst with a vengeance … and more.

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Coming Currency Superstorm Will Be Absolutely Catastrophic for U.S. Economy (+5K Views)

What would happen if someday the rest of the world decides to reject the U.S. dollar and that process suddenly reversed and a tsunami of U.S. dollars come flooding back to this country? It is frightening to think about. Just take a moment and think of the worst superstorm that you can possibly imagine, and then replace every drop of rain with a dollar bill. The giant currency superstorm that will eventually hit this nation will be far worse than that.

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Gold Price: It’s ALL About the Strength Of the USD, Stupid!

Currently, the U.S. dollar is strong and that trend may continue for some time. As long as it does or for as long as the U.S. dollar maintains stability, there cannot be new highs in the gold price.   …At one time there was a fixed ratio of dollars to gold ($20 U.S. to 1 troy ounce of gold) but, …

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