Tuesday , 21 September 2021

Economic Overviews

2018 Could Possibly See 4 Different Financial Disasters

It is almost certain that we will get some kind of financial crash in 2018, maybe two or even three of them. However, the resilience of the real sector of the U.S. economy should prove sufficient to overcome them, at least in the short term. [Let me explain.]

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10 Possible “Grey” Swan Events For 2018 (+2K Views)

By definition it is impossible to predict black swan events but one can predict what their cousin, the grey swan, is up to. These are the unlikely events that lie outside the usual base case and risk scenarios of the analyst community and Nomura’s Bilal Hafeez has come up with 10 potential grey-swan events for 2018. Here they are!

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A MAJOR Political & Financial Upheaval/Revolution Is Underway

Today, we’re seeing the greatest political polarization since the Civil War, a debt and financial asset bubble that makes the Roaring 20s look like child’s play, and income inequality greater than that experienced in 1929 and the discovery of a rare convergence of three-long term cycles points to a revolution - a true revolution.

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Today everything must be dumbed down to the lowest common denominator of readers or viewers... Any news must be superficial and short. Most content must have an entertainment or gossip value. All serious matters are either left out or covered very briefly. We are now in the age of instant gratification. Viewers’ interest can only be kept by short superficial language, lots of big images and constant change of focus. No one is really interested in the truth but, nevertheless, here it is!

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