Sunday , 25 September 2022

Cannabis Central: The Best & Worst Positioned U.S. Marijuana Companies

This infographic looks at which U.S. marijuana companies  [referred to as multi-state operators (MSOs)] are best and worst positioned for the rapidly legalizing American market. #munKNEE/Money!

The summary below focuses exclusively on vertically integrated U.S. operators and excludes biotech research driven stocks and smaller growers with market caps below C$200 million and limited liquidity.

All of the above companies have an exciting story to tell, but the decisions they are making today about growth in their share count, asset footprint and revenue will determine if their share price is going up, down, or sideways over the next few years.
Hopefully, the above information provides you with some useful data so you can make more informed choices about which U.S. operator is worth a potential investment.
Editor’s Note: The above  original article by Scott Willis of  has been re-formatted, color highlighted, edited ([ ])* and abridged (…) by Lorimer Wilson, editor of – Your KEY To Making Money! – for the sake of clarity, and brevity to provide a fast and easy read.

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