Friday , 21 June 2024

Busy? These Articles Are Worth Your Time to Read

We all live extremely busy lives and often don’t have the time to find articles that are sufficiently informative and well written to warrant our attention. Below are introductory paragraphs to 7 such articles and infographics. Check them out and decide which, if any, are of interest to you and click on the title to read in full.

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1. The High Cost of Education and How to Reduce It

With college costs consistently outpacing the rate of inflation, many students are thinking twice when it comes to going to college. Let’s explore the numbers students are up against today and how to make higher education more affordable. Read More »

2. Country Comparison Of Highest Personal Income Taxes Paid By Individuals

The best way to compare countries based on taxes is using the highest personal income tax rate paid by individuals so this excludes countries that do not have personal income taxes. Let’s see how select countries compare: Read More »

3. Watch These 12 Data Points For Future Direction of Gold & Stocks

A big short term move in both stocks and gold is probably fairly imminent as periods of extremely low volatility like we are currently experiencing are invariably followed by periods of very high volatility that are brought about by a trigger event of some sort. There will probably be an advance warning somewhere, in a corner of the markets that perhaps isn’t widely watched…[so] keep a close eye on these 12 inter-market signals. Read More »

4. Should You Care What’s Happening On the Nikkei 225? YES! Here’s Why

Should markets around the world really care about what the Nikkei 225 Index does? The Power of the Pattern suggests “yes”! Here’s why. Read More »

5. The Boom in China Is Over BUT the “Bust Talk” Is Far Overdone. Here’s Why

China has decided to try and walk back from the edge of a Minsky moment and engineer a soft landing. They have made a decision to pop the bubble deliberately, allow defaults to instill market discipline and remove the moral hazard currently in place. They are moving into the modern world as fast as possible based on the enormous tasks they have embraced so we probably can expect no more booms but probably not a bust either. Let me explain. Read More »

6. How Many Billionaires Are There? How Much Wealth Do They Control?

How many billionaires are there and how much wealth do they control? Read More »

7. 8 Reasons Nickel, Platinum & Palladium Should Continue to Outperform

The Platinum Group Metals (PGM’s) and Nickel both outperformed the equity markets, 30 year bond and other metals in 2014 and such performance should continue going forward for many years to come. Here’s why. Read More »


1. is the Internet’s Most Unique Financial Site – Here’s Why

There is no need to spend time searching the internet looking for articles worth reading. We do it for you and bring them to you each day on this the “internet’s most unique site for financial articles” and in our newsletter, the ” Market Intelligence Report” Read More »