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Gold Coin Sales DOWN Drastically in 1st Qtr. of 2014 – What Gives? (+2K Views)

The world is heading down the toilet yet demand in the official gold coin market is DOWN drastically. Canadian 100kggoldcoinGold Maple Leaf coin sales were DOWN 35% – yes, 35% – in the first quarter of 2014 compared to the same period a year ago and American Gold Eagle coin sales were DOWN a staggering 51% – yes, 51% – year over year! What gives?

The above are edited excerpts from an article* by Steve St. Angelo ( entitled First Quarter Canadian Maple Leaf Sales Up A Hefty 24%.

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St. Angelo goes on to say in further edited excerpts:

Why Gold Coin Sales Are DOWN 

The reason for the decrease in Official Gold coins sales has everything to do with the Fed and Central Banks continued manipulation of the financial and precious metal markets and, by destroying the paper price, they killed retail investment demand..

The public has this notion that everything is fine once again in the financial markets and institutions but, unfortunately, the opposite is the case. The Fed now has to resort to propping up the U.S. Treasury Market by covertly buying its own bonds through foreign intermediaries.  If there isn’t enough demand, well by gosh, the FED can print money… send it to a foreign Central Bank and force them to by the paper garbage…

The U.S. Dollar and economic system continues to disintegrate behind the scenes as the majority of Americans remain oblivious.  Even worse, it seems as if the precious metal investors are becoming bearish believing in the nonsense coming from MSM…[and the likes of] Dennis Gartman who says that “Gold is breaking down — it looks horrible“…

The world is heading down the toilet and I am simply amazed at the lack of demand in the official gold coin market. I believe Jim Rickards is correct when he says the gold (and silver) price manipulation will end one day OUT OF THE BLUE.  There will be no warning and, of course, it will be too late to purchase gold or silver.

Silver Coin Sales

While Silver Eagles sales in Q1 declined slightly year-over-year, due to a backup at the U.S. Mint, Canadian Maple Leaf sales reported a 24% increase….

Canadian Maple Leaf Sales Q1 2014

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