Tuesday , 18 June 2024

Analysts: Gold Will Bottom Somewhere Between $725 & $1,000/ozt.

Much has been written over the past few months as to just where gold (and silver) is headed. In light of the recent significant drop in price below is substantiation for such a decline and several projections as to where the price correction will bottom out and the timeframe for such price action.

1. Gold Going All the Way Down to $725/ozt!

My new analyses of gold & silver indicates they will both continue to show weakness throughout the balance of 2015, plummet to $725ozt. & $12ozt. respectively, during the 1st. Qtr. of 2016 and then go absolutely parabolic in price by the end of 2016/early 2017. Below are the specific details of my forecasts (with charts) to help you reap substantial financial rewards should you wish to avail yourself of my insightful analyses.

2. I See Gold Dipping To – Dare I Say – $880ozt. Here’s Why

Several signs have been flashing for the past year that gold has become too big for its britches and will eventually adjust to a lower price which could push the yellow metal off the edge of a cliff to – dare I say – not just below $1100 or $1000 per troy ounce, but to $880ozt.

3. Gold Going Down to $1,000 & Perhaps Even As Low As $850! Here’s Why

I see gold going lower and lower eventually breaking below the psychological figure of $1,000 and perhaps even testing the $850 level to break the back of gold bugs and get the CNBC cheerleaders to claim the gold bull dead.

4. $10 Silver Is Coming! Here’s Why

I believe that we are on the verge of an epic sell-off in silver that will take the price of gold’s little brother down to the $10 level quickly. I have a strong sense that the price action over coming months will shock many, just as they were shocked by oil over recent months.

5. Harry Dent: $250 – $400 Gold Coming! Really??

I must take Harry Dent to task regarding his adamant call of $250-$400 gold…In my mind he is dangerously “DELUSIONAL” because following his advice will place you in grave danger. Here’s why.

6. Noonan on Gold Decline: Stop Being Surprised & Start Being More Informed As to the Reasons Why

If you have no gold or silver, you will be “Greeced,” “Cyprused,” or otherwise financially screwed for not taking responsibility for your own economic future. Those who already own either or both gold and silver know this although they still foolishly complain about the paper price continuing to decline – and that focus is grossly misplaced. Here’s why.

7. Could Gold Drop To $1,000 In a Fast & Furious Sell-off?

I believe those with patience will get the chance to buy gold a lot cheaper than current prices. Gold could be heading toward the $1,000 per troy ounce level – or lower – and that price may come in a fast and furious sell-off.

8. Gold Price Plunge: The Inside Scoop

We will allow all of you here today, in the weeks running up to the seizure of the world’s gold, to put in place your trading strategies in anticipation of the ’Mother of All Insider Trades’. This will allow you and your organizations to profit beyond your wildest dreams when we ‘drop the hammer’ and reduce the price of gold to $20.67 USD.

9. Gold Measurements “Troy” & “Karat”: What Do They Mean?

You have no doubt read countless articles on the price of gold costing x dollars per “troy ounce” or perhaps just x dollars per “ounce” but the difference between the two measurements is significant. For that matter, what’s the difference between a 24 karat gold ring and an 18 karat gold ring? Let me explain.

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  1. I think we are seeing PM “market manipulation” designed to get those with physical PM to liquidate their holdings.

    Since Gold and especially Silver are both still being acquired by China, Russia and India just to name a few, this may very well be the lull before an upcoming financial storm, especially if the value of the US$ begins to change due to ever more countries not trading among themselves in US$.

    Physical PM (PPM) is similar to real estate in that the only real value is determined when you sell, since only then do you have a firm idea of its true value having deducted the purchase price, until that happens it value is unknown.

    For all those now holding PPM, I suggest that you enjoy reading about what issuing on in the World with the knowledge that at least some of your assets are not just printed paper money.

    Here is a timely article: