Wednesday , 14 April 2021

Silver Prices: How High Will They Go? $100? $300? $500? (+88K Views)

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…Silver prices have risen exponentially for the past 90 years as the dollar has been consistently devalued. Expect continued silver price rises…

Annual Silver Price Since 1927


Examine the silver to gold ratio for the past 27 years. Low silver to gold ratios indicate long-term buy zones for silver. Silver prices are there now.@Gold&Silver

Silver: Gold Ratio - 27 Years

How High Will Silver Prices Rise?

The answer depends upon many variables. A partial list includes:

  1. COMEX silver prices are “managed” by large players, including JPM, which previously have wanted silver prices to remain low. That may be changing. Read Ted Butler.
  2. How rapidly will the Fed and commercial banking increase the supply of dollars and how much will they devalue the dollar?
  3. How extreme will our political circus become? Distractions will be necessary. The usual response is war after a suitable scapegoat has been identified.
  4. “False Flag” operations may direct blame and attention away from policy failures and toward some “common enemy.” Wars increase silver prices.
  5. When will U.S. citizens lose confidence in the dollar?
  6. How rapidly will foreign countries including China, Russia and Saudi Arabia redirect commerce away from the dollar?
  7. Hyper-inflation or 1970s style inflation?
  8. Rise of the IMF and Special Drawing Rights as a global currency?


Silver prices for the next decade are dependent upon many unknowns. However, a conservative chart interpretation is shown below.

Silver COMEX Monthly Bars Chart

The log trend channel has contained most silver prices for the past 20 years. A “more of the same” financial world suggests silver prices will rise toward $100 in the next 5 – 7 years.

A more aggressive chart interpretation shows prices for silver peaks rising rapidly during the past 17 years.

Silver COMEX Monthly Bars: 1999-2017

Silver COMEX Monthly Bars: 1999-2017

A blow-off rally in silver – quite possible – suggests silver prices rallying toward $200 – $300 per ounce.

If the powers-that-be create or can’t stop hyper-inflation of the dollar, $500 silver will look inexpensive by the end of next decade.

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  1. Boy, were you wrong on all counts with your rant about silver and gold. I bought silver bars at $13 and currently silver is on a tear and last I looked was closing in on $28. And how about gold? It simply blew through $2000 an ounce. Shows you what you know about the precious metals market.

  2. You people are bloodsuckers looking to suck every dollar out of the pockets of ignorant stupid people. The asses in the masses out of greed will fall for the sizzle you peddle

    My advise to all investors.
    Don’t buy gold and silver .

    Because of covid -19 and the present stock market lows
    Wait until the 15th of April 2020 and invest as much as you can into the stock market and next year you will be so thankful not listening to these self centered buttholes selling you a lie straight from the pit of hell
    When we recover from this pandemic by the 2nd year of President Trumps 2nd term as the greatest President this nation ever has the stock market will be over 32,000 and your investment from April 15,,2020 to April 15, 2022 will give you a minimum gain of at least 60%
    Gold at that time 4/15/22 will be approximately 1825 oz
    and silver will be 16.50 an oz
    So please stop listening to the hype
    It a lie!!!!!
    Invest in the stock market

    • You are no different from these bloodsuckers. You are betting on the stock market and Trump.

    • As my rabbi explained to me, do not blame tragedies or misfortunes on others. Take advantage of opportunities when they come your way. prosperity is truly a blessing from the creator.

    • Charles J Mitchell jr

      U are totally right

    • Do not invest in the man made stock market, which is doomed to fail again. Housing market, based on statistics and information, will crash December 2020. Money markets will be done for, fiat currency will plummet. Invest in Gods’s money, which is Gold and Silver, he made them, not man. Robert Kayaski is on point, Mike Maloney is on point…..these are experts. You need to do your own research/homework and decide for you and your family. Cash is dying, The FED is up and DJT is going back to the Gold Standard.

    • how is that working for you?

    • What was it you were saying about Gold and Silver??

      Gold $2038.00
      Silver $27.09

    • wow total rubbish lol. Buy stocks?? HAHAHAHHA !!!!

    • The stock market is completely disintegrating while 51 million in the USA are now unemployed. Silver is climbing every single day. Buying stocks now is by far the worst thing anyone could do. Stack silver because you know thats what greedy liars are really doing

      • Majors, Juniors, & Explorers are still undervalued equities. Since the March crash likely wiped out a lot of the leveraged margin traders, the next crash won’t affect the miners nearly as bad. Just wait until Q3 Earnings and you will witness some astronomical gains. The mining sector is about to go to the moon on top of record setting free cash flows. Then the M&A’s begin to multiply these gains. Point being; there ARE some stocks you should happily be investing in. Hell, one of my holdings has tripled since March 22 despite a literal Military COUP in the country of their largest producing mine. I’m looking forward to see another tripling (at least) by this time next year as long as an asteroid doesn’t wipe us all out before then.. (2020 amirite? lol)

    • the stock market,precious metal.or whatever. Its all bullshit. They just want to use our money to get rich themselves

    • Well you got that wrong!

    • Only if Trump is re-elected I will cap my 401k. If Biden is elected I will keep money under the mattress and invest is silver and gold. It will. E a rough 4 years if Biden gets elected. The market will tank. Watch it!

    • I suggest you take either a macro 101 course or a remedial one. It looks like the latter is more appropriate for you my guy.

  3. This is ɑ fantastic review! Definiteⅼy a need to-read and a
    discoᴠeгy! This really helped me thanks.

  4. Why would jpm get out of selling short, when jpm is making a fortune while stockpiling silver at a cheap price. We all know how greed works, too much is never enough. Jpm and there evil cronies will have their place in eternal HELLFIRE!

  5. Go Baby Go!! Silver is So overdo for its well deserved overdo explosion to the TOP! The silver manipulations will no longer be able to operate if all Silver Holders united and defend by starting Lawsuits against these vicious culprits!

    • Stephen Kravetz

      Silver price has been manipulated since the very first ounce

      • Chinas also hitting a recession since covid so they are buying all US silver and gold the lest the US has the more its worth i bought at 1700 n ounce of gold 900 n ounce of platinum and 17 n ounce of silver have you seen the numbers as of today 27 n change for silver 2,065 n oz for gold and 1000 n oz platinum. Talk all the shit you want ive made money investing just recently in those 3 imagine will you a person or place that owns tons of it ive heard talks of doing away with change not that there is alot of silver in it anyways the American dollar aint worth shit compared to what it used to in the 50s and 60s but im sure it will either get back to where it was or a new universal currency will be made there is alot driving price of gold up right now and other metals so buy as low as you can hope you get in at a good time to im sure after silver hits its peak it will break and fall again as will gold as soon as they figure a way to bail us all out and make money either worth more or make a different currency

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