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Will the Rubber Band of Mr. Market Snap Up or Down From Here? (2K Views)

The rubber band of Mr. Market has been stretched tight and is ready to release. Theinvesting-hold-buy-sell problem is that it is impossible to know which end is going to snap. Will it snap up or snap down?

So writes Monty Pelerin ( in edited excerpts from his original article* entitled Market Commentary — June 21: Extreme Caution.

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Pelerin goes on to say in further edited excerpts:

The fragility of markets was apparent this week when Ben Bernanke suggested that some easing in QE, some time in the future, might be in order IF the economy continued moving ahead. There was nothing in this statement that wasn’t obvious and known. However, apparently the mere fact that The Bernank dared utter these words was news and created downside turmoil.

If anyone needed a warning that current price levels of financial assets are a function of liquidity rather than underlying economic fundamentals, they received it this last week.

I don’t know whether this market is going to rebound and go on to the 20,000 level predicted by some optimists or drop like a rock from here….Arguments can be made to support up or down major movement, but the market will do what it wants, at least in the short-term. Liquidity and rising inflation support markets. The promise of them continuing likely drives markets higher. The suggestion that they are ending, likely drives markets lower.

Economic conditions suggest markets are overvalued at these levels, but markets currently trade more on political expectations than on economics. Mr. Bernanke probably wishes he had not uttered what seemed to be empty, obvious statements. His naivety shined a light directly on the Potemkin Village we call financial markets. Look for him or his minions to try and walk back these comments in order to keep the market and government scam afloat longer. If the public can be fooled again, markets could go much higher.

Markets are extremely volatile and caution is advised. These are times when lots of money is made or lost quickly. Depending upon your tolerance for risk and your perceptions for the future, you must decide how much exposure you want under these conditions.

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